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Feldman Fund Mission

Burton Feldman Fund

We would like to thank all those who have made contributions to the Burton Feldman Fund. Already, the fund has been of considerable assistance to the English graduate students at DU.

Building an Endowment

The English Graduate Student Association (EGSA), in cooperation with the English Department faculty, is continuing its campaign to raise money for the Burton Feldman Fund. This money will support the professional development of Literary Studies and Creative Writing graduate students by providing travel assistance to presenters at academic conferences. Ultimately, we hope to establish an endowment to ensure this assistance to future graduate students in the English Department.

Campaigning for the Future

Burton Feldman was for many years an esteemed professor and Director of Graduate Studies, a man renowned for his scholarship and commitment to the graduate students in DU's English Department. Upon his death in 2003, the English Department established the Burton Feldman Fund to keep his legacy alive in a manner that reflects Professor Feldman's own life and accomplishments. Because this fund was founded on a one-time gift, over the past several years its resources have dwindled despite the continued growth of the English Department's reputation within the academic community.

Keeping this Fund Alive

While you are welcome to contribute to any of the University of Denver's gift funds, we hope you will consider the Burton Feldman Fund as an opportunity to benefit our graduate students in particular and the English Department in general.

On behalf of the Department of English and our graduate students, thank you!