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Department of English

Undergraduate Majors

English Education

The revision of the English Education track is currently underway with the assistance of the School of Education. This track will follow the same structure but will have additional requirements as determined by the department and approved by consultants in the School of Education.


Please note:
• Majors may not take more than 8 hrs. of ENGL courses at the 1000 level.
• Majors must take at least 12 hrs. at the 3000-level.
• Majors may not take more than 60 hrs. of courses in the major.
• Majors must earn a C- or better in all ENGL courses.

Requirements (no change)

  • 8 hrs. British Literature Survey (2100, 2200, 2300)
  • 8 hrs. American Literature Survey (2750, 2751,2752)
  • 4 hrs. Shakespeare
  • 4 hrs. Ethnic Literature Course
  • 4 hrs. International Literature
  • 4 hrs. English Grammar or History and Structure of the English Language
  • 4 hrs. Advanced Writing/Nonfiction
  • 4 hrs. Literary Interpretation
  • 4 hrs. Poetry Genre

Besides the course work required for the English major, Education students also take 4 credit hours in Oral Communication.

Other requirements: This concentration was developed for students who wish to receive teaching certification upon completion of the BA or continue to pursue the dual degree option in Teacher Education. Students have 4 years to complete their English BA, just as a non-dual degree student would. Students should apply to the dual degree program in the Winter of their junior year. During your senior year, you will begin the Teacher Education Program by taking 9 credit hours in the Education school, 3 credits per quarter. These credit hours count as electives toward the student's undergraduate degree and towards the students Masters degree. Students are encouraged to confer with the College of Education's Teacher Education department for recommendations and advice regarding additional areas of focus students may need to cover in their English Major given their individual career goals. Please contact [email protected]du or 303-871-2509 for questions regarding this Dual Degree Program. Students who do not complete the TEP requirement will be reassigned to the Textual Studies concentration in anticipation of graduation.

Pre-Admission Program for Majors to the MA

Beginning in Fall 2018, the Department offers pre-admission to our MA in Literary Studies. Extraordinarily high-performing majors with a 3.9 GPA or above and good Departmental standing will receive an offer of pre-admission to the MA. These exceptional students in the major are fast-tracked for admission into the MA and will have several admission requirements waived (including the GRE). For further information, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Prof. Adam Rovner.