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Department of English

Undergraduate Majors

Further information on the English Major

Credit Hours

All English majors are required to take a minimum of 44 credit hours in the English Department. However, a student may take up to 60 credit hours in English courses toward meeting the 183 quarter hours required for the Bachelor's degree at the University of Denver. Students must earn a C- or better for each course to satisfy the requirements of the English Major. English 2021: Business Technical Writing does not count toward the Major. Each English major student is assigned an academic advisor from the department.

Departmental Distinction in English

Students with a 3.5 GPA or above in the English major are eligible for Departmental Distinction.

Pre-Admission Program for Majors to the MA

Beginning in Fall 2018, the Department offers pre-admission to our MA in Literary Studies. Extraordinarily high-performing majors with a 3.9 GPA or above and good Departmental standing will receive an offer of pre-admission to the MA. These exceptional students in the major are fast-tracked for admission into the MA and will have several admission requirements waived (including the GRE). For further information, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Prof. Adam Rovner.

Thesis Requirement

Students seeking recognition for "Distinction in English" are required to complete a 40-page thesis during the fall and winter quarters of their senior year. See the "Instructions for Distinction in English," "Undergraduate Distinction Statement of Intent," and "Summary of Thesis" forms--all available in Sturm 495--for complete details of the English Honors program. The Statement of Intent--which must be signed by the student, his or her faculty thesis advisor (who need not be the student's academic advisor), and the Director of Undergraduate Studies in English--is due on May 15th of the student's JUNIOR year. By the end of the 1st week of the Spring Quarter of his or her SENIOR year, a student seeking recognition for Distinction must submit either:

  • a 40-50 page analytic research thesis or
  • a fiction and/or poetry project of a length to be determined by the student and the faculty director

Two copies of the work are to be submitted, unbound, to the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Each thesis will be read by the student's thesis director and one other faculty member. Written reports and recommendations for "Distinction" will be returned to the student and the Director of Undergraduate Studies. A final, bound copy of the thesis, with all required revisions and corrections, must be submitted to the Director of Undergraduate Studies by May 15 of the Spring quarter of the student's senior (or final) year.

Students who intend to write a critical literary thesis must also complete:

  1. 3800 Bibliography & Research (offered only in the Fall quarter)
  2. 3995 Independent Research [Distinction Colloquium ] (2 hrs., Winter quarter)
  3. One 3000-level Literary Theory course [e.g., 3035, 3036, 3823, 3825]
  4. One additional 3000-level course

Students who intend to write a creative thesis must also complete:

  1. 3852 Topics in Poetics or 3800 Bibliography & Research
  2. 3991 Independent Study with Thesis Director (2 hr.)
  3. One 3000-level Literary Theory course [e.g., 3035, 3036, 3823, 3825]
  4. One 3000-level Creative Writing course


English & Literary Arts majors may receive course credit for internships by way of ENGL 2980: Internship in English. Prior to registration for this course, an Experiential Learning Registration Form, which can be downloaded here, must be filled out and signed by the Director of Undergraduate Studies in English. All internships for English credit must focus on the study or production of literary works (e.g., an internship at a literary archive, a literary journal, a secondary education classroom focused on the study of literature). Students interested in receiving course credit for internships in other disciplines (e.g., journalism or marketing) should consult with an appropriate department. In order to pass ENGL 2980, students must write a final essay summarizing their internship experience. Students may take ENGL 2980 for no more than 2 credits hours per quarter.