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Department of English

Department of English

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Students majoring in English declare one of the four concentrations depending on their prospective career interests. Descriptions of the concentrations and their requirements are listed below. (Students who entered the major before the Fall of 2012 may choose to fulfill either the old or new concentration requirements.)

Credit Hours

All English majors are required to take a minimum of 44 credit hours in the English Department.  However, a student may take up to 60 credit hours in English courses toward meeting the 183 quarter hours required for the Bachelor's degree at the University of Denver. Students must earn a C- or better for each course to satisfy the requirements of the English Major. English 2021: Business Technical Writing does not count toward the Major.  Each English major student is assigned an academic advisor from the department.

Keeping in mind the following three rules and requirements will help you to plan your classes as you move forward:

  • You may not take more than 60 credits in the English Department, but you must take at least 44.
  • No more than 8 hours of 1000-level courses can be taken for major credit.
  • At least 12 credits must be taken at the 3000 level.

Study Abroad

Students in good academic standing may participate in the University's Cherrington Global Scholars Study Abroad Program at standard DU tuition costs, with travel expenses paid by the University. Upper division Study Abroad credits in English literature, international/ethnic literature, or creative writing may count toward the major, although in unusual cases they may be designated as fulfilling the University's unrestricted electives requirement.

The National English Honor Society

The English Department is a member of Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society. Contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies for details.

Foothills, The Undergraduate Literary Journal

All undergraduate students at the University of Denver who are interested in creative writing, journalism, or visual arts are encouraged to become involved in Foothills. This annual literary journal is managed, edited, and published by a committee of undergraduate English students who work in consultation with a faculty advisor from the Department of English.

Internship Opportunities

Majors are encouraged to apply for an internship with our partner Tethered by Letters, an organization that allows our students to fulfill “distance” internships in publishing and editing. For more information, see