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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (CAHSS)


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Our research and community and global partnerships give students and faculty the chance to have positive, lasting impacts around the world.

Faculty & Staff Resources

AHSS Faculty and Staff Funding Opportunities

There are many funding opportunities available at the University of Denver to support faculty research and course development. Some are provided to all faculty members in our divisions, some only to tenure-line faculty, and others are awarded through campus-wide competitive selection processes. The opportunities below are just for AHSS.

[FACULTY and STAFF: GO TO THE AHSS PORTFOLIO PAGE  for more information on the funding opportunities listed below. The portfolio site includes information on how to apply.]

AHSS follows the University policies regarding expenses. Those policies may be found on the University Board Approved Policies webpage under “Business Operations."

Professional Development and Travel Funds
Each faculty member in AHSS receives annual funds for professional development and travel. Professional development is broadly defined to include expenses related to the individual's role as a faculty member. Examples include books, software, computer equipment, professional memberships, travel or research-related expenses. In general, travel funds should be used for conferences involving the active participation of the faculty member (e.g., giving a paper, chairing a panel, participating in a roundtable).

The AHSS mini-sabbatical provides one quarter release from teaching with full pay. Its timing is typically in the third or fourth year of a new appointment, or in the third or fourth year between regular sabbaticals. Its primary purpose is to provide time away from teaching to allow for research, scholarship, and creative activity.

Dean's Award for Excellence (DAFE)
The Dean has established a competitive Dean's Award for Excellence to support tenure-line associate professors working toward promotion to the rank of full professor. This initiative is donor funded, by friends and alumni of AHSS, and the number of recipients is limited. Faculty members may apply for awards to be used during their mini-sabbatical or sabbatical year. Awardees will be chosen by the Dean.

Dean's Award for Interdisciplinary Studies (DAIS)
The Dean has established a competitive Dean's Award for Interdisciplinary Studies to support interdisciplinary activities related to scholarship, creative activity, and/or teaching. This initiative is donor funded, by friends and alumni of AHSS, and the number of recipients is limited. Faculty members may apply for up to $5,000. Awardees will be chosen by the Dean.

Walter Rosenberry Fund
Walter Rosenberry, a longtime friend of the University of Denver, made funds available to the faculty in the divisions of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. The Elected Faculty Committee distributes these grants. The overarching theme for projects should be "Making Our Work Public." Highest priority will be given to projects with the greatest impact on professional development and that provide the greatest opportunity for public dissemination.

Book Publication Support
The AHSS Dean's office has funding available to support costs associated with the publication of books. If faculty members are in the final stages of bringing a book to publication and have exhausted other sources of funding, they may apply for reimbursement for costs directly associated with publication.

Stapleton Fund Sabbatical Enhancements
Each year the Dean selects one faculty member to receive a Stapleton Endowed Fund for Faculty Research sabbatical enhancement. The Stapleton Endowed Fund is established to "provide faculty research support" and "to strengthen the faculty member's research efforts." This enhancement is given in addition to any other sabbatical enhancement or awards that the faculty member may receive.

Creative Arts Materials Fund (CAMF)
In an effort to more fully meet the needs of faculty in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences whose professional work is located in the creative arts, the Dean's office of AHSS has established a fund to offset the expenses of arts materials for faculty in the two divisions.

Tech Fee Funding
Technology fees paid by AHSS students are used to support technology acquisitions that directly affect students in classes, as for instance for use in a lab or studio. Funding may not be used for equipment or services that will be used solely or primarily by faculty or staff members.

Data Analytic Technology Award (DATA)
In an effort to more fully meet the needs of faculty whose professional work requires the use of data analytical software, the AHSS Dean's office is establishing a fund to offset the expenses of such software purchases, subscriptions, and/or updates.

Marsico Visiting Scholars Program
The Marsico Visiting Scholars Program aims to invigorate undergraduate arts and sciences education by bringing intellectuals, artists, and scholars to campus. Marsico Visiting Scholars will engage both students and faculty in a variety of settings—classes, workshops, research projects, seminars, performances, roundtables, and meals—all of which will contribute to the intellectual life of the university.

Staff Funding Opportunities
There is a pool of staff development funding for AHSS staff members.