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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (AHSS)




Liberal arts education is at the heart of the University of Denver. Our faculty, staff and students come together in a shared quest for knowledge of the human condition.

Hiring & Performance

Adjunct Professorial Series in the Arts

These procedures will allow us to better recognize the particular gifts arts professionals use to enrich our educational program at the University. Current University guidelines for adjunct faculty are:

2.8 Adjunct Professorial Series

The Adjunct Professorial Series includes the ranks of Adjunct Professor, Adjunct Associate Professor, and Adjunct Assistant Professor. The designation "Adjunct" is used in instances when a faculty member's major assignment is in another unit of the University or outside the University. The Adjunct Professorial Series does not necessarily imply a remunerative relationship with the University.

The following guidelines apply for AHSS arts faculty in the adjunct ranks:

  • Adjuncts with a bachelor's degree and at least eight years of teaching experience may apply for promotion from "Adjunct" to the rank of "Adjunct Assistant Professor." Adjuncts with a bachelor's degree and at least sixteen years of teaching experience may apply for promotion to "Adjunct Associate Professor," and with twenty-four years to "Adjunct Professor."  Recognizing that reputation and performance/artistic experience are some of the most important qualities that adjunct teachers bring to the arts, departments can accept "equivalent experience and reputation" in determining years toward rank. The criteria for promotion, other than years in rank, are discussed below.
  • Any amount of teaching during an academic year counts as one year toward rank. Years need not be consecutive.
  • Adjuncts with a bachelor"s degree hired after July 1, 2004, will start at the rank appropriate to their experience and reputation as determined by the chair or director in consultation with the dean at the time of hiring. After eight years of successful teaching in the arts at DU, they become eligible to apply for promotion to the next rank.

The following criteria and procedures will be used for determining promotions:

  • The application consists of a letter of application, curriculum vitae, student course evaluations, and other evidence of successful teaching and contribution to the mission of the department or school.
  • The applicant must demonstrate successful teaching and positive contribution to the area in which the applicant is assigned. This may include specific goals for the demonstrable improvement of an area, as established by the chair or director of the department or school.
  • Granting of an adjunct rank is also intended to recognize loyalty to the department or school.
  • Each department/school will constitute a committee to review applications. The chair may be part of that committee or may make a separate recommendation. The committee and the chair/director will make recommendations regarding promotion within the adjunct series. Promotion requires approval of the recommended rank by the dean.

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