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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Gender and Women's Studies

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Gender & Women's Studies

Program Requirements

The Program

The Gender and Women's Studies program offers undergraduate students a vibrant and rigorous course of study that cultivates a critical understanding of the role that gender plays in the construction of identities and the social and political organization of culture.

It welcomes students who are eager to explore the connections between and among the many meanings that gender—as well as race, sexuality, class and disability—has in our lives, our scholarship, our communities and our politics.

As a community, we believe that feminism and its political and scholarly traditions are necessary and vital to everyone's work at the University of Denver and in the communities beyond our campus.

The Gender and Women's Studies program grants a bachelor of arts as well as a minor.

Opportunities for Majors

A background in Gender and Women's Studies provides a unique context from which to view the evolving gender norms in our private and public lives. Students who take Gender and Women's Studies courses—either as electives or for a GWST degree—become prepared for a variety of graduate programs, including law, medicine, social work, education, and the social sciences. Many students are interested in continuing their education in Gender and Women's Studies, and a list of these graduate programs can be found here.

A Gender and Women's Studies major can lead to careers in public service as well as private industry, law, health, counseling, government, community work, politics and policy making, business, teaching and research, social services, spiritual leadership, the environment, the media and the arts.

Students in the Gender and Women's Studies program also have various opportunities for internships, awards and study abroad programs.

If you are thinking about a major or minor in Gender and Women's Studies, or you want more information about our program, please contact:

Lindsey Feitz, Director
Gender and Women's Studies program
Chambers Center for the Advancement of Women, Room 111
University of Denver
Denver, CO 80208
Phone: 303-871-4419