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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Gender and Women's Studies

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Program Requirements


Requirements for the Minor in Gender and Women's Studies

Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies (GWST 1112) is required as an introduction to the discipline. In addition to this 4 credit hour course, minors must complete 20 credit hours for a total of 24 credit hours.

A variety of courses, in GWST as well as other disciplines, can be applied to the GWST minor. Many courses offered by other departments will be listed with a GWST attribute, meaning that we have already indicated that the course can be taken for GWST credit. If you have questions about other courses you find that you think would be appropriate for GWST credit, contact the program's director ( to ask about them.

Examples of courses that you might take as a minor are available on our major course matrix (PDF). Keep in mind that the distribution requirements reflected within the matrix do not apply to minors.

The list of courses represented by the matrix reflects examples of courses that are upcoming this academic year (the term in which the class will be offered is reflected in parentheses) as well as examples of courses that have been offered in the past and are indicative of the kinds of courses we will continue to offer beyond the current academic year.

For more information about courses being offered this year that would fulfill GWST requirements, contact, or the GWST office at 303-871-2743.

Additional guidelines:

  • There can be no overlap of credit.
  • If a student is double-majoring, only one course from a student's other major department will be accepted toward his/her GWST major.
  • No course may count simultaneously toward a major and a minor.