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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of History

BA Major

Department of History

BA Major

Effective May 2013, requirements for graduation with a major in History are:

1000-Level History Courses, 4 credits

Students must take one 1000-level History course.  This course will expose students to the fundamentals of the historical discipline, including different approaches to primary and secondary sources.  These courses also apply to the Common Curriculum's Ways of Knowing: Analytical Inquiry/Society & Culture (AI2) requirement.  Students may satisfy this requirement with AP or IB credit.

2000-Level History Courses, 8 credits

Students must take two 2000-level History courses.  These courses are capped at 30 students and are open to non-majors as well as majors.  They emphasize training in how to work with primary sources.

3000-Level History Courses, 8 credits

Students must take two 3000-level History courses.  These are small seminars designed for advanced History majors, with demanding reading and writing requirements.  These courses emphasize the use of secondary sources and introduce students to the concept of historiography.

Electives, 8 credits

Elective credits may come from any History Department course, as well as approved study abroad courses.

Distribution Requirement

From the list above, students must take at least one course in four of the following categories: Asian History; Middle Eastern History; European History; Latin American History; American History; Pre-Modern History. Students should consult with their faculty adviser or the Chair to make sure that they have correctly fufilled this requirement.

Issues in Comparative History (HIST 2998), 4 credits

This course is designed ensure that all students engage in comparative history.  Students will also be exposed to different approaches to the study of history, as embodied in the work of the individual faculty members in this team-taught course. This course is generally offered in winter.

What is History? (HIST 2990), 4 credits

This course is designed specifically to train students in historical methodologies and to think historiographically, i.e., to see historical issues the way historians see them.  It is intended to prepare students for Senior Seminar, in which they will explore the historiography of their specific research topic. This course is ONLY offered spring quarter, and must be taken before Senior Seminar I and II.  Students are expected to enroll in the course in their junior year.

Senior Seminars (HIST 3989; HIST 3990), 8 credits

In the fall quarter of their senior year, students must take Senior Seminar I, a course taught in conjunction with individual faculty mentors.  This course focuses on honing students' historiographical and bibliographical skills in preparation for their senior research projects.  Students will produce a research proposal at the end of the course.

Students must then take Senior Seminar II in the winter quarter of their senior year.  This course concentrates on research in original historical sources and on the oral and written presentation of research findings.  This two-quarter sequence is ONLY offered fall and winter quarter.