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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Lamont School of Music



Jazz Ensembles

Flex Ensemble

Steve Wiest, Director

The Flex Ensemble is, as the name implies, a Jazz Studies group with flexible instrumentation and persona. At its core will be a 4-piece modern jazz rhythm section that will be augmented by an ever-changing group of instruments: “traditional” jazz instruments and voices as well as “non-traditional,” such as tuba, French horn, all woodwinds and strings are all welcome and encouraged to participate. All members of the group, regardless of their previous experience with jazz and composition will be required to compose a piece for the Flex Ensemble each Quarter. This will consist of everything from simple modal unison melodies up to sophisticated fully orchestrated concert works according to each student’s level of expertise.

Performing a full range of scheduled concerts, the Flex Ensemble will also have the potential each quarter to work with a wide range of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences genres and disciplines, including Recording and Production, dance, film, Theatre, Creative Writing and Emerging Digital Practices.

Lamont Jazz Orchestra

Steve Wiest, Director

Lamont Jazz Ensemble

Alan Hood, Director


Advanced Vocal Repertoire

Donna Wickham, coach


Lynn Baker, coach


Mike Abbott, coach


Eric Gunnison, coach


Mike Marlier, coach

Hard Bop

Lynn Baker, coach


Ken Walker, coach


Ken Walker, coach


Ken Walker, coach

Vocal Jazz

Donna Wickham, coach

Vocal Repertoire

Donna Wickham, coach