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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Lamont School of Music

Newman Center for the Performing Arts


Mitchell Ohriner

Mitchell Ohriner

Assistant Professor, Music Theory

Newman Center for the Performing Arts, Room 426

Mitchell Ohriner completed his PhD in music theory at Indiana University in 2011, having previously studied composition at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Since, he has taught music theory at Washington University in St. Louis, MO and Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA. His research is in two tracks: his dissertation and first several articles explores the phenomenon of expressive timing — the subtle differences in "clock duration" between musical events nominally the same length. In the past two years, he has turned his attention to the intersection of theories of rhythm in meter versus rhythm in speech in rap music, especially in regards to what emcees call "flow." All this work is united by a focus on rhythmic perception and the use of computational methods. Dr. Ohriner has presented at national and international conferences on music theory and has published in Music Theory Online, Empirical Musicology Review, and the Indiana Theory Review, as well as in the proceedings of conferences on Performance Science and Mathematics and Computation in Music.