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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Lamont School of Music

Newman Center for the Performing Arts


Aaron Paige

Aaron Paige

Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor, Ethnomusicology

Newman Center for the Performing Arts, Room 303

Aaron Paige specializes in the classical, folk and popular music of India and its diaspora. At present, his research explores issues of language, class and race in Tamil-language hip-hop from Malaysia. In addition to his research interests, Aaron is a performer of South Indian classical and folk music, Javanese Gamelan, Ghanaian drumming and Arabic music. At DU he teaches sections of Music, Society, and Culture for majors and non-majors, a course on Global Hip-Hop and leads Lamont's Ghanaian and South Indian music ensembles.

Breakin’ Boundaries: Hip-Hop Education and Social Justice in Denver