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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Lamont School of Music

Newman Center for the Performing Arts


Aaron Paige

Aaron Paige

Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor, Ethnomusicology

Newman Center for the Performing Arts, Room 303
[email protected]

Aaron Paige specializes in the classical, folk and popular music of India and its diaspora. At present, his research explores issues of language, class and race in Tamil-language hip-hop from Malaysia. In addition to his research interests, Aaron is a performer of South Indian classical and folk music, Javanese Gamelan, Ghanaian drumming and Arabic music. At DU he teaches sections of Music, Society, and Culture for majors and non-majors, a course on Global Hip-Hop and leads Lamont's Ghanaian and South Indian music ensembles.

Breakin’ Boundaries: Hip-Hop Education and Social Justice in Denver