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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Lamont School of Music

Newman Center for the Performing Arts


Smaragda Delageorgou


Business Manager

Newman Center for the Performing Arts, Room 221B
[email protected]

Prior to earning her MS in marketing from Daniels College of Business, Smaragda earned degrees in economics, political studies and business administration in her native Greece.  Her career path has taken her from a marketing consultant position at Baloni-Baloni in Volos, Greece to positions in marketing, brand management and finance at Daniels, to her position at Lamont.

Currently she oversees the annual school of music budget and, as a portfolio manager, she develops and implements strategies for ongoing financial functions. Smaragda is excited to be conducting budgetary planning in a financial environment with variable revenue and expense structures that require advanced financial modeling and apply her expertise.