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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Lamont School of Music

Lamont School of Music

Faculty & Staff



Keith Ward - Professor, Director, Lamont School of Music
Smaragda Delageorgou - Business Manager
Rachel Lim - Advisor
Jack Sheinbaum - Associate Professor; Associate Director, Academic Affairs
Deanna Goldstein - Executive Assistant to the Director


Stephen Campbell - Director of Admission
Angela Mitchell - Enrollment Specialist

Public Relations

Chris Wiger - Director of Public Relations
Ian Wisekal - Coordinator, Public Relations

Additional Staff

Ruth Baker - Vocal Coach & Pianist
Kyle Hughes - Recording Engineer
Madylne Kuhl - Concert Production & Facilities Manager
Michael Furry - Building Coordinator
Kevin Gwinn, Assistant to the Director, Summer Academy
Victoria Vanest - Director, Lamont Summer Academy
Keith Jones - Piano Technician
Wesley Leffingwell, Chorale Accompanist, Summer Academy Choir Accompanist
Hukum Singh Khalsa - Accompanist
Martha Yordy – Opera Accompanist

Library Staff

Woody Colahan - Music & Performing Arts Reference Librarian
Sarah Perske - Music Library Supervisor
                   - Library Assistant
Jeff Herring - Library Assistant