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Lamont School of Music

Lamont School of Music

Lamont Society

Lamont Society donations support Lamont School of Music students, faculty and staff. To celebrate your donation, you are invited to attend five or six exclusive events during the academic year. These events range from faculty recitals to a day of classes and rehearsals, and Showcase Lamont.

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Questions - Call PR Director Chris Wiger today at 303-871-6499.

Invitations from the Director and President

Keith Ward  Entering my second year as Director of this exceptional music program at Lamont, I am delighted to express my thanks to you, donors of the Lamont Society, for your support. Your generosity makes a tangible difference in sustaining our excellence, as donations and endowed funds account for more than 50 percent of our operating resources. They support our ensembles, help us purchase instruments, underwrite master classes and performances by guest artists, maintain scholarships, send our ensembles on tour, and provide travel funds to students for summer festivals, competitions, and auditions. This year I hope you will consider these and other benefits that your donations bring.

Thank you for financially sustaining our work as we develop future generations of musicians. You play a vital role in supporting opportunities for them to flourish.

— Keith Ward Director, Lamont School of Music

Mark Barczuk  Since 1983, the Lamont Society has provided financial support and promoted the mission, vision and activities within the community for the University of Denver's Lamont School of Music.

We welcome alumni, parents, students, faculty, corporations, community members, along with current and past donors to engage with us to ensure the continued growth and development of this world-class school.

Thank you for your past and future support.

— Mark E. Barczuk (MBA '88) President, Lamont Society

Lamont Society Donors
Spotlighting Lamont on the National Stage

Our jazz orchestra at the 61st Monterey Jazz Festival, the Lamont Chorale performing to standing ovations on tour across New Mexico, award-winning percussionists at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention, and students winning multiple awards in national and international competitions:

Lamont is on the national stage!

None of this is possible without your annual support of our students and faculty.

Levels of Giving

Donors at the following levels will be invited to exclusive donor appreciation events (recitals and Day at Lamont):
  • Prelude One (individual) $80+
  • Prelude Two (couple) $160+

Donors at these special levels will be invited to the "donor thank-you" events listed above, plus the Showcase Lamont Gala:

  • Overture One (individual) $125+
  • Overture Two (couple) $250+
  • Chorus $500+
  • Big Band $1,000+
  • Kathak $2,000+
  • Symphony $5,000+
  • Opera $10,000+
  • Encore $25,000+
  • Ovation $50,000+

To donate, contact Chris Wiger, Director of Public Relations, at 303.871.6499 or [email protected], or visit

Donate Online

You can now text your donation!
Text LAMONT to 41444

Donate anytime starting July 1, 2019 to be a Lamont Society donor this year. Donate before September 1 to ensure that you receive your first invitation to Day at Lamont.

To donate by phone or mail, or receive a Lamont Society brochure, please contact:

Chris Wiger
Director of Public Relations
[email protected]

Lamont Society  2019 2020 Academic Year


Dr. Keith Ward,* Director, Lamont School of Music
Jennifer Garner*, Ex-Officio, Executive Director of Development for    CAHSS
Chris Wiger*, Ex-Officio, Director of PR, Lamont School of Music
Mark E. Barczuk,* (MBA '88), President, Chair of the Annual Fund Committee
Phyllis Goodman,* President Elect, Chair of the Engagement Committee
Jessie Harris,* Secretary
Jan Friedland,* Past President
Nathaniel F. Columna (BA '11), Cindy Goodburn (BME '82), Jennifer Heglin, Don Leach, Vince Madison (BM '77), Bonnie Merenstein, Todd Cochran, Keith Pockross, Jenene Stookesberry (BA '65, MA '71, MA '85), Phyllis Ward (BA '67), Linda Young (BA '64, MA '66)
   *Executive Committee

Emeriti Volunteers

Paul Brooks, Paul Docktor M.D, Barbara Goldburg, Richard Replin, Steve Johnson, Henry & Joyce Berman Sanger, Bill & Ann Richardson Stolfus

Honorary Board

Dr. Charles and Kathleen Brantigan, Paul Brooks, Nancy Cochran, Lucia B. Cowperthwaite, Joseph Docksey & Nancy C. Docksey, Philippe & Cynthia Dunoyer, Edward & Charlotte Estlow, Margot Gilbert Frank, Janet & Gary Friedland, Barbara Goldburg, Dr. María Guajardo, C. Stephen Guyer, Dave & Peggy Hector, Jennifer Heglin, Andrea Howland Cobb, Hilary & Ken Johnson, Steve Johnson, Louisa Craft Jornayvaz, Merry Low, Trygve & Victoria Myhren, John & Kathleen Ness, Robert & Judi Newman, Jane M. Quinette, Maxwell L. Saul, Harvey & Joanne Sender, Marlis Smith, Bill Stolfus & Ann Richardson Stolfus, William & Jodi Sorensen, John & Marilyn Stoddard, Jim & Jenene Stookesberry, Hao Jiang Tian & Martha Liao, Martha & Jeff Welborn, Dr. Robert A. Yekovich