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Lamont School of Music

Lamont School of Music

Lamont Society

Lamont Society donations support Lamont School of Music students, faculty and staff. To celebrate your donation, you are invited to attend five or six exclusive events during the academic year. These events range from faculty recitals and backstage lectures to a day of classes and rehearsals, and a black-tie concert and reception.

2018-2019 Lamont Brochure will be mailed in mid-July / Send your donation when you receive your brochure.

An invitation from the President

2017 Jan Friedland letter

As the president of the Lamont Society Council, it is my pleasure and honor to represent each donor to the Lamont School of Music. I look forward to getting to know those of you I have not met and renewing friendships with donors I know.

Although we have a wonderful time at all of the exclusive events and concerts we attend, the Lamont Society is designed to support and enhance the DU experience of our music students with donations and encouragement. Your donation makes a real difference in the careers of our students.

You will receive invitations to very special events and recitals to show our appreciation for your donation. I look forward to enjoying the upcoming season with you.

Thank you,

Jan Friedland
President, Lamont Society

Your Donation

A donation to the DU Lamont School of Music will absolutely impact a student's time in Denver and enhance their future career in the arts. As a Lamont Society donor, you are invited to attend exclusive appreciation recitals and events this season.

Your generous contribution will help produce a special performance, purchase a unique musical instrument, help a deserving student with a scholarship or send a student to a summer or international festival. Donors make a difference with every single gift.

With an individual donation gift of $80 you become a Lamont Society donor and are welcomed into the Lamont Society. Donations for couples (or for an individual with a guest) start at $160.

A special donation of $250* rolls out the red carpet with an invitation to attend the sparkling black-tie Showcase Lamont concert and gala reception in the spring.
*(a couple or an individual with a guest) ($125 an individual)

We will be announcing this season's appreciation events in September. All donors will be invited to Day at Lamont in November and select donors to Showcase Lamont in May. We're sure new director Keith Ward will have some exciting and fresh new ideas for recitals and events during the season. Send in your donation by October 1 to ensure that you receive your first invitation.

Levels of Giving

Donors at the following levels will be invited to exclusive donor appreciation events (recitals, backstage events and Day at Lamont):
Prelude (individual) $80+
Romanza (couple or an individual with a guest) $160+

Donors at these special levels will be invited to the donor appreciation events listed above, plus the Showcase Lamont Gala:
Overture (a couple or an individual with a guest) $250+
(an individual) $125+
Suite $500+
Sonata $1,000+
Concerto $2,000+
Symphony $5,000+
Oratorio $10,000+
Cantata $25,000+
Opera $50,000+

To donate, contact Chris Wiger, Director of Public Relations, at 303.871.6499 or, or visit and write "Lamont Society" in the comments box.

Donate  (put "Lamont Society" in the comment box)

Donate anytime starting July 1, 2018 to be a Lamont Society donor this year. If you donate before October 1 to ensure that you receive your first invitation.

To donate by phone or mail, or receive a Lamont Society brochure, please contact:

Chris Wiger
Director of Public Relations

Lamont Society  2018 2019 Academic Year


Judi Newman, Honorary Chair
Nancy Cochran*, Director, Lamont School of Music
Jan Friedland*, President
Mark Barczuk*, President-Elect
Steve Johnson*, Past President
Richard Replin, Secretary
Phyllis Ward*, Membership Co-Chair
Phyllis Goodman*, Membership Co-Chair
Jane Gibson
Jessie Harris
Jennifer Heglin
Keith Pockross
Jenene Stookesberry
Linda Young
Chris Wiger*, Ex-Officio, Director of Public Relations, Lamont School of Music
Jennifer Garner*, Ex-Officio, Executive Director of Development, AHSS

            *Executive Committee


Paul Brooks
Andrea Howland Cobb
Paul Docktor, MD
Kathy Eggleston
Barbara Goldburg
Hilary Johnson
Don Leach
Bill Stolfus
Ann Richardson Stolfus
Henry Sanger
Joyce Berman Sanger


Dr. Charles and Kathleen Brantigan
Lucia B. Cowperthwaite
F. Joseph Docksey and Nancy C. Docksey
Philippe and Cynthia Dunoyer
Edward and Charlotte Estlow
Margot Gilbert Frank
Jan and Gary Friedland
Barbara Goldburg
Dr. María Guajardo
C. Stephen Guyer
Dave and Peggy Hector
Jennifer A. Heglin
Andrea Howland Cobb
Hilary and Ken Johnson
Louisa Craft Jornayvaz
Ann C. Levy
John and Merry Low
Michael McGoldrick
Trygve and Victoria Myhren
John and Kathleen Ness
Robert and Judi Newman
Jane M. Quinette
Maxwell L. Saul
Harvey and Joanne Sender
Marlis Smith
William and Jodi Sorensen
John and Marilyn Stoddard
Bill Stolfus and Ann Richardson Stolfus
Jim and Jenene Stookesberry
Hao Jiang Tian and Martha Liao
Jeff and Martha Welborn
Dr. Robert A. Yekovich