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Gabi Kathöfer

No Headshot AvailableGabi Kathöfer
Associate Professor of German
Sturm Hall, Room 486E
Phone: 303-871-2178



  • PhD, German Studies, University of Connecticut
  • Erstes Staatsexamen Sek. I/II (MA equivalent), German Literature and Mathematics, University of Münster
  • Undergraduate Education (BA equivalent), German Literature and Mathematics, University of Münster


Gabi Kathöfer's work centers on politics of identity and interconnections between presumably unrelated cultural spaces and issues. Her monograph titled Auszug in die Heimat: Zum Alteritäts(t)raum Märchen (Olms, 2008) examines the multiplicity of identity constructions and spaces of alterity presented in nineteenth-century fairy tales.

Gabi's current research focuses on German-Brazilian interrelations. She is working on three book publications on this topic. Her project titled The German Invention of Brazil: An Intercultural Analysis of National Identity Construction undertakes a fresh appraisal of German emigration to Brazil as an important component of nineteenth-century German history and nationalism. It analyzes nineteenth-century depictions of German immigrant communities by German, German-Brazilian and Brazilian artists and intellectuals and discloses a heretofore ignored intercultural dimension of the German struggle for identity.

Similarly, the project Mothers, Maids, Pioneers: German Women in Nineteenth-Century Brazil examines women's contributions to the German invention of Brazil. The collection of essays titled KulturConfusão: On German-Brazilian Interculturalities provides a critical investigation of the two historically entwined cultures, Germany and Brazil, by examining emerging cultural hybridities. It contains articles written by international scholars from a variety of disciplines, including German studies, Brazilian and Lusophone Studies, art history, and literature, and calls into question the boundaries by which we understand cultures, their products, practices and perspectives.

Gabi's next research endeavor will focus on the intersection of German studies, human rights studies and architecture. This project titled Without Roof, Without Roots? On the Meaning of Homelessness in German Cultural History will investigate the philosophical, political, and artistic discourses of homelessness in German history and discuss the interpretation of homelessness in its culture-specific dimensions and its ideological and socio-historical contexts.


  • 19th century German literary and cultural studies
  • Intercultural studies
  • Postcolonial studies
  • Travel literature
  • Second language pedagogy


Published Books

Auszug in die Heimat: Zum Alteritäts(t)raum Märchen. Hildesheim, Zürich, New York: Georg Olms Verlag, 2008. 

Forthcoming Books

KulturConfusão: On German-Brazilian Interculturalities. (Collection of essays, with co-editors Anke Finger and Christopher Larkosh; DeGruyter, 2015.). 

Books in Progress

The German Invention of Brazil: An Intercultural Analysis of National Identity Construction. (Monograph)

Mothers, Maids, Pioneers: German Women and Nineteenth-Century Migration to  Brazil.(Monograph)

Without Roof, Without Roots? On the Meaning of Homelessness in German Cultural History.(Monograph)

Published Articles and Book Chapters

“Amalia Schoppe’s Die Auswanderer nach Brasilien (1828)”. Sophie Discovers America: German-Speaking Women Write the New World. Ed. Michelle James and Robert McFarland. Rochester: Camden House Press, 2014. 56-64.

“Edler Wilder oder Animal Aleman? Zur Diskussion deutscher kultureller Identität in Therese Stutzer’s Am Rande des brasilianischen Urwalds“. Martius- Staden-Jahrbuch 57 (2010): 81-95.

“’Ich staune sie an, all diese südliche Pracht [...]—aber ich verstehe sie nicht’: Postkoloniale Reflexionen zur deutschen Erfindung Brasiliens und der Signifikanz eines deutsch-iberoamerikanischen Dialogs.” Ibero-amerikanisches Jahrbuch für Germanistik 3 (2009): 27-44.

“Travel Writing, Emigration Laws, and Racial Whitening in Nineteenth-Century German-Brazilian History”. In: Not so Innocent Abroad: The Politics of Travel and Travel Writing. Ed. Ulrike Brisson and Bernard Schweizer. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009. 135-161.

“Responses to the 2007 MLA Report ‘Foreign Languages and Higher Education: New Structures for a Changed World’” (with Friederike Eigler et al.). Neues Curriculum 1.1 (2009): 1-22.

“Imagining Home: Spatial Identity Constructions in Nineteenth-Century German Fairy Tales”. In:Reading Children: Essays on Children's Literature. Ed. Nilanjana Gupta and Rimi B. Chatterjee. New Delhi: Orient Blackswan, 2009. 92- 111.

“The Phantasm of the German Migrant Or The Invention of Brazil”. Flusser Studies 7 (2008): 1-14.

“[V]ielleicht das interessanteste Land der Welt“: Drei Abenteurerinnen im Brasilien des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts”. Colloquia Germanica 40.2 (2007): 105- 23.

“The Quest for Intercultural Communication: A Question of Disciplinary Integrity and Curricular Content” (with Anke Finger). The Journal of Language for International Business 16.2 (2005): 78-89.

“A Reputation Reassessed: Unraveling Wedekind’s Early Writings” (with Anke Finger).Colloquia Germanica 36.1 (2003): 27-44.

Forthcoming Articles

“Eveline Hasler, Ibicaba. Das Paradies in den Köpfen (1985)”. (Forthcoming in The Sophie Journal).

“Devouring Cultures: Antropofagia, Cultural Identity, and German Colonization in Nineteenth-Century German-Brazil History”. (Forthcoming in KulturConfusãoOn German-Brazilian Interculturalities. Ed. Anke Finger, Gabi Kathöfer, and Christopher Larkosh. DeGruyter 2015.).

“KulturConfusão: On German-Brazilian Hybridities and Intercultural Hermeneutics.” (With Anke Finger and Christopher Larkosh. Forthcoming in KulturConfusãoOn German-Brazilian Interculturalities. Ed. Anke Finger, Gabi Kathöfer, and Christopher Larkosh. DeGruyter, 2015.).