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Kathleen Guerra

Kathleen GuerraKathleen Guerra
Teaching Assistant Professor, Second-Year Language Coordinator
Sturm Hall, Room 482
Phone: 303-871-2106



  • Ph.D., Hispanic Linguistics, University of California, Davis
  • M.A., Spanish Language and Literature, Portland State University
  • B.A., Art History, University of Oregon


  • As a faculty member of the Spanish Section of the Department of Languages & Literatures at the University of Denver, Kathleen’s research and teaching focus on topics of applied sociolinguistics and second-language acquisition (SLA). Her research in sociolinguistics centers specifically on how linguistic ideologies surrounding dialects of Spanish are constructed, perceived and negotiated. Her research in the SLA encompasses different teaching methods, material design and presentation, with an emphasis on student-centered learning and inclusive practices.


  • Outcomes of language contact
  • Linguistic ideologies and language attitudes
  • Northern Andean Spanish
  • Second language acquisition
  • Development of sociocultural competence


  • Guerra, K. S. & Bradley, T. (Forthcoming). Phonological and phonetic aspects of sifeísmo in Quito Spanish. To appear in: Proceedings from the first symposium on Ecuadorian Spanish.
  • Guerra, K. S. (2019). Languages in contact: Grammaticalization and complexification in northern Andean gerundianismo. In E. Núñez Méndez (Ed.) Bilingualism and Spanish in contact: Sociolinguistic case studies (pp. 239-257). New York: Routledge