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Department of Languages & Literatures




Recent Faculty Publication 
May 1, 2016 - April 30, 2017

Bornstein, Miriam M.

Poetry, Journal

Bornstein Gómez, Miriam. ""Mujer de palabras grandes", "Hablando de lenguas", "Invierno", "Poesía de circunstancia", "Tucson: Camino a casa"." La palabra: Revista de literatura y cultura hispanese 7 (2016). <>

Castagnino, Angelo

Journal Article, Academic Journal

Castagnino, Angelo. "Play, Ritual and Secrecy in the Novels of Marco Malvaldi." Modern Language Notes 131.1 (2016): 251-269.

Castellani, Victor

Journal Article, Academic Journal

Castellani, Victor. "Death versus Doom in Virgil's Aeneid." Zbornik (Classical Journal of Matica Srpska) 18 (2017): 64 pp. <>

Keff, Lydia G.

Book Chapter

Keff, Lydia Gil. "Testimonios de atrocidad como contramonumentos: ejemplos de la literatura argentina de la posdictadura." Narrativas del terror y de la desaparición en América Latina. Ed. 2016: 179-192.

Leahy, Chad

Journal Article, Academic Journal

Leahy, Chad. "The Rhetoric of enkomion poleos and the Sanctification of Madrid in a pliego suelto Attributed to Lope de Vega." Symposium: A Quarterly Journal in Modern Languages 70.4 (2016): 165-76.

Leahy, Chad. "La retórica del deseo en los relatos de viaje a Tierra Santa." Criticón 128 85-101.

Leahy, Chad. "'Dineros en cruzados': The morisco expulsion, Numismatic Propaganda, and the Materiality of Ricote's Coins." Hispanic Review 84.3 (2016): 273-98.

Pap, Jennifer


Pap, J., Kaplan, L. (Lecturer), Loliée, F. (Performer), Vigier, É. (Performer), "Louise, She's Crazy and Move the Sky," Le Théâtre des Lucioles, Theatre - Tour coordination, Rennes, France (May 3, 2016 - May 12, 2016).

Peters, Li L.


Memory, Fluid Identity, and the Politics of Remembering

Li, Li. Memory, Fluid Identity, and the Politics of Remembering: The Representations of the Chinese Cultural Revolution in English-Speaking Countries. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2016. <>

Book Chapter

Li, Li. " 'Alone Together': Contagion, Stigmatization and Utopia as Therapy in Zhao Liang's AIDS Documentary Together." " Discourses of Disease: Writing Illness, the Mind and the Body in Modern China. Ed. Howard Y. F. Choy. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2016: 230–251. <>

Shaughnessy, Orna

Book Chapter

Shaughnessy, Orna. "Early Meiji Manga: The Political Cartoons of Kanagaki Robun and Kawanabe Kyosai." In Rewriting History in Manga: Stories for the Nation. Edited by Nissim Otmazgin and Rebecca Sutter. Palgrave, 2016. Print.

Torre, Javier


Diario De La Expedicion

Domínguez, Francisco Atanasio and Silvestre Vélez de Escalante. Diario de la expedición Domínguez-Escalante por el Oeste Americano (Nuevo México, Colorado, Utah, Arizona). Ed. Torre, Javier Madrid: Editorial Miraguano, 2016: 328. <>

Waldbaum, Roberta K.

Book Chapter

Waldbaum, Roberta Kaye. "Keys to the City: Opening the Gates to Italian Culture." Fostering Culture Through Film: A Resource for Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultural Studies. Eds. Buonanno Foley, Elda and Patrizia Comello Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016: 119-137.

Walter, Susan

Book Chapter

Walter, Susan. "La sororidad y la herencia espiritual en La tia Tula de Miguel de Unamuno." El trauma en la literatura hispánica. Ed. Valladolid: Universitas Castellae, 2016: 249-258.

Wilms, Wilfried

Book Chapter

Wilms, Wilfried. "Regaining Mobility: The Aviator in Weimar Mountain Films." Continuity and Crisis in German Cinema (1928-1936). Rochester, NY: Camden House, 2016: 167-186.

Journal Article, Academic Journal

Wilms, Wilfried. "The Alps as Lebensraum: Cinematic Representations of the Alpine War and the South Tyrol Question in 1930s Germany." German Studies Review(2017): 61-77.