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Victor Castellani

Victor CastellaniVictor Castellani
Professor of Classics
Sturm Hall, Room 327
Phone: 303-871-2022



  • PhD, Classics, Princeton University
  • BA, Greek and Latin, Fordham University


Associate Professor with Tenure (1981- ), Assistant Professor (1972-1981), and Instructor (1971-1972) of Classical Languages and Humanities, University of Denver.

Chair, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures (1981-1985 and 1989-1993), then the Department of Languages and Literatures (1993-1998 and 2007- ), University of Denver.

Victor Castellani has directed several undergraduate programs and course-teams, including classical studies and comparative literature, as well as "Civilizations Compared," "Making of the Modern Mind," "Revolutions" and "Forms of Civilization." He has published many articles and conference papers, and, in a dozen countries abroad, has presented extramural lectures on diverse topics, chiefly on Greek and Roman literature, but also on modern and contemporary drama.


  • Ancient Greek and Roman epic
  • Classical Greek and Roman drama as theater and in social and political context
  • Ancient Greek myth and religion and associated iconography
  • Ancient political philosophy
  • Dante
  • Ibsen
  • Operatic settings of ancient narrative literature
  • Recent and contemporary US drama


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