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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Languages & Literatures

Chinese - Heavenly Palace in Beijing


Requirements for Minor


Requirements for the minor in Chinese include:

  • A minimum of 24 quarter hours of approved courses beyond CHIN 2001
  • Four of the 24 quarter hours must be from CHIN 3300 or above

CHIN 1516: Contemporary China in Literature and Film, which fulfills an Analytical Inquiry: Society and Culture requirement, can be used to satisfy the Chinese minor requirements.

Students who minor in Chinese are encouraged to study abroad in China. Minors who choose to study abroad are strongly encouraged to enroll in a Chinese course, CHIN 3300 or above, upon their return. Up to 12 quarter hours of approved transfer credit can be counted toward the minor.


The following course sequence is recommended for fulfillment of the requirements:

  1. CHIN 2001, 2002, 2003: Intermediate Chinese Sequence
  2. CHIN 2100: Advanced Intermediate Chinese
  3. CHIN 2301: Chinese Conversation
  4. CHIN 2302: Chinese Composition
  5. CHIN 3300: Chinese Society in Transition

Students who are interested in studying Chinese beyond the above sequence can also take:

  • CHIN 3400: Chinese Cinema and Society
  • CHIN 3500: Reading in Modern Chinese Literature
  • CHIN 3601: Business Chinese I
  • CHIN 3650: Chinese-English Translation I
  • CHIN 3700: Special Topics on Chinese Cultural Studies