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Department of Languages & Literatures

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Programs of Study

French and Francophone Studies


  • Over 274 million people speak French. The International Organization of La Francophonie regroups 80 member states and governments (57 members and 23 observers).
  • French is the third most widely used language on the Web.
  • You could have the chance to travel and live in French-speaking Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.
  • French is an official language and/or an administrative language of the Olympics, the United Nations, the International Red Cross, the African Union, and the International Monetary Fund.
  • French-speaking Canada is the United States' most important export market. France's export market ranks as number eight.
  • Use and enhance your skills by choosing one of our study abroad programs in Senegal, Quebec, Morocco, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Madagascar for a semester or for a whole academic year.
  • The knowledge of French opens doors to careers in the United States or abroad in the fields of business, technology, medicine, literature, art, science, environment, law, history.


The French and Francophone program at the University of Denver is built on the belief that there is a profound connection between language, culture and literature. Therefore, we aim to provide you with language proficiency and critical awareness in the study of French and Francophone literary and cultural texts and contexts.

Our program features a dynamic group of faculty with diverse specializations in literature and cultural studies. We offer a comprehensive range of undergraduate courses in language, literature, culture, translation that lead to the major and minor.


Students of the French and Francophone program at DU can earn distinction in French by writing a senior thesis. Take a look at some of the titles of our students' work:

  • L'évolution du rôle d'André Breton dans l'histoire du Surréalisme.
  • Vers un tourisme corse durable ? Une étude sociale, environnementale et économique du tourisme en Corse.
  • Produit ou Processus : Traduire Regarde Les Lumières d'Annie Ernaux.
  • L'Échec et le sinistre succès du langage : Une exploration du langage et de la dictature dans le théâtre de l'absurde d'Ionesco.
  • La France et l'Algérie : Deux pays entremêlés. La colonisation, sa présence contemporaine, et ses effets sur les relations entre la France et l'Algérie.
  • Le Rôle de l'identité dans la littérature pour enfants française comme propagande pendant l'occupation de la France.
  • Le Monument de la Renaissance Africaine : Le pont imprévu entre le récit national et la mémoire du peuple.

Student achievement does not stop with graduation. Graduates of DU's French program have gone on to pursue a variety of exciting careers. Our alumni include:

  • Artists and art gallery managers
  • Chefs and restaurant owners
  • Computer programmers
  • Doctors, chiropractors and pharmacists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Lawyers
  • Marketing directors
  • Nonprofit and NGO directors
  • Policy analysts
  • Teachers and professors
  • Translators
  • Writers and editors