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French and Francophone Studies

Student Resources


Listen to French
  1. Watch movies in French, preferably with French subtitles rather than English subtitles.
  2. Watch French television, such as TF1 or France Télévisions.
  3. Listen to French songs on YouTube and then find their lyrics. Popular artists in France include: Christophe Mae, Gregoire, Joyce Jonathan, Zazie, Gerald DePalmas, Christophe Willem, Benebar and Nolwenn Leroy.
  4. Listen to French radio stations, such as NRJ.
  5. Visit Vous Voulez Rire and listen to jokes and funny stories in French.
Read in French
  1. Order a book or comic book from Amazon or Powell's and read it in French!
  2. Read news stories online at sites like TF1.
  3. Look up anything that interests you on the French version of Google. Try searching for your favorite museums, monuments, or cities. Search for information on your favorite author or browse French recipes.
  4. Browse the City of Paris website.
Write in French
  1. Keep a journal and write in it every day. Don't worry about grammar. Look up vocab words if you need them.
  2. Start an email correspondence with a former classmate.
Speak French
  1. Skype once a week with a former classmate.
Other fun tricks
  1. Set your cell phone's language setting to French.
  2. Set your Internet browser's home page to a French website, such as a French news or word-of-the-day page.
  3. "Frenchify" your bedroom! Surround yourself with French: put French labels on furniture, appliances and walls, buy or create French posters, and use a French calendar.
  4. Are you a list-maker? Do it in French!
  5. Think in French while performing routine actions. For example, when walking to the refrigerator, think "J'ai soif" or "Qu'est-ce que je vais manger?" Consider the conjugations of "se brosser" while brushing your teeth and hair. When getting dressed, state the French name of each item of clothing you put on.
  6. Join the DU Francoscope Club to practice French!



Tennessee Bob: 10,000 French-related links. Find new websites, including many that allow you to practice your French vocabulary and grammar.

Bilingual Dictionaries Bilingual dictionary French/English dictionary with short translations in context. This is an especially useful tool for idioms and other phrases that that don't translate easily.

Laboratoire d'Analyse et de Technologie du Langage: Look up a word in French and find the translation of that word and English words that are derived from it.

The ARTFL Project: French/English dictionary

French Dictionaries

Dictionnaire Electronique des Synonymes: 55,000 French words and their 410,000 synonyms

Encyclopaedia Universalis: French-language encyclopedia

Acquiring French Vocabulary (Tennessee Bob): Links to numerous general and subject-specific French-English and English-French dictionaries. Also includes links to vocabulary lists, quizzes, practice tips, crossword puzzles, games and more.


The ARTFL Project: Conjugate French verbs

French Grammar Central (Tennessee Bob): List of links to thousands of websites that provide grammar lessons and activities.

La Conjugaison: Choose from multiple skill levels and practice your French conjugations.


Tennessee Bob: 10,000 French-related links. Learn about French literature and culture by browsing the Internet.


Libération: French daily newspaper

Le Monde: French daily newspaper

France Télévisions: French television station

TF1: French television station

CBC Radio-Canada: National public radio broadcaster of Canada

La Guingette: Audio features for French language learners

Radio France: French radio broadcaster. Every other Monday there is a new selection of articles written and commentated in RealAudio.

RFI: The leading French radio station for international news


NRJ: Hit music with video clips

Africa 1: African radio station in French

Classic 21: French radio station

Fréquence Banane: French radio station

Culture & Literature

Le Louvre: Browse the expositions of Paris's famous museum.

La Bibliothèque Universelle: A collection of numerous French texts you can read online, including The Communist Manifesto, Zola's J'accuse, Cyrano de Bergerac, works by Flaubert and much more!

France in Images (Tennessee Bob): A list of websites offering photo archives of France


Vous Voulez Rire!: An interactive site for those that like to laugh. Features jokes, humorous literary and cultural texts, as well as links to online resources that portray literary and cultural humor in French-language publications.