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German - Train Station in Frankfurt

Programs of Study



Studying German provides far greater benefits than the knowledge of a new language. Your studies will drastically improve your employment opportunities, whether you plan to pursue a career in international business, chemistry, art history, engineering or numerous other fields.

There are many other reasons to pursue studies in German:

  • English native speakers can master German with relative ease, as both languages share a common history.
  • German is the language of Goethe, Nietzsche, Kafka, Mozart, Beethoven, Marx, Freud and Einstein.
  • German is the most commonly spoken language in the European Union.
  • Many academic graduate programs require or recommend German.
  • Germany is the world's largest exporter. In Colorado, Germany consistently ranks as the state's third largest export destination.
  • German is the second-most commonly used scientific language.
  • In many regions, including Colorado, Germans account for a large percentage of tourists.
  • Use your skills by choosing to study abroad in Germany for a semester or academic year.


The German program at DU combines language study with intercultural training, highlighting literature, art, history and film. Elementary, intermediate and advanced language courses are offered, as well as courses in German studies that deal with topics of special interest.

DU's German faculty members are also involved in teaching various analytical inquiry/society classes, as well as advanced seminars (ASEM) and first year seminars (FSEM). Popular examples include:

  • GERM 1416: German Civilization
  • ASEM 2720: Nazi Germany
  • ASEM 2672: Germany since 1990
  • FSEM: Culture or Anarchy