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Hebrew - Kotel

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Shalom! The Hebraic tradition is one of the pillars of Western civilization. No wonder that in the 1700s, Yale University considered Hebrew to be one of its required courses and included the words "Urim & Tummim" (אורים ותומים, "Lights and Perfections") on its official seal.

Your study of Modern Hebrew will open doors to a wide range of professional fields, including history, archaeology, anthropology, music, peace studies, religious studies, journalism, business, technology, international relations and more.

You can use and enhance the skills you learn in Hebrew classes by choosing to study abroad in Israel for a semester.


The Hebrew program at DU emphasizes a proficiency approach to language instruction. This means the focus is placed on you and your linguistic abilities, learning style, sources of motivation and other individual factors. The learning experience is both innovative and diverse, pulling from a range of traditional and technological methods of instruction.

Study Abroad

Our courses will immerse you in the Hebrew language—both inside and outside of the classroom. We extend learning beyond the DU campus, engaging students in cultural programs and in collaborative learning opportunities with university students in Israel. Studying abroad in Israel is highly encouraged, as this is a great opportunity to become further immersed in Israeli language and culture.



We welcome you to the program and look forward to sharing the beauty of the Hebrew language with you!