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Student Resources


For PC Users
  1. Go to Control Panel.
  2. Click on Region and Language.
  3. Click on Keyboards and Languages.
  4. Click on the link at the bottom of the window that states: "How can I install additional languages?"
  5. A new window from Windows Help and Support will pop up, which will show you how to proceed and install Hebrew on your PC.

Click on your PC's operating system below for more detailed directions:

For Macintosh Users

See the directions for using Hebrew on a Mac OSX operating system on The Doug Shivers site also has information on using Hebrew for emailing and word processing.

Additional Computer Resources

For guidelines on how to type Hebrew vowels in Windows and Word, visit Jonathan Rosenne's website. Additionally, Gate2Home provides a free, virtual keyboard with copying capabilities.


Handbook for Students of Hebrew: Offered by the National Middle East Language Resource Center, the handbook offers strategies and resources for students studying the Hebrew language.

The Academy of the Hebrew Language: The premier organization for scholarship on the Hebrew language. Learn about how the Hebrew language continues to evolve in modern times.

Morfix Dictionary: Hebrew-English and English-Hebrew dictionary with virtual keyboard

The Jerusalem Post: Online newspaper for learners of the Hebrew language

Hebrew Alphabet Learning Program: A virtual, interactive course in Hebrew lettering, including reading and writing exercises, as well as a virtual dictionary. Students will learn how to write and pronounce letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

The Hebrew Verb: Learn and practice the seven Hebrew verb structures. This website provides written and oral exercises, tests and a Hebrew dictionary.

Learn Hebrew Verbs: Practice Hebrew verb conjugations. Using a drop-down menu, select an English verb to view its Hebrew conjugations.

LMS Education: Online Hebrew newspaper for students of Hebrew, including vocalization/vowelization and audio files.

Hebrew Vocab App: An Application to study vocabulary in Hebrew; suitable for Mac users


Jacob Richman's Educational Videos: Watch short, educational videos from Israel, including topics relating to Hebrew, Israel and Judaism. Some of the videos include transliteration.

Bank Leumi: Provides up-to-date currency rates for the Israeli shekel

Browse online newspapers from and about Israel. The newspapers' positions vary, and include left, center and right reporting. All newspapers are in English, not in Hebrew.

All home pages are in Hebrew.

Browse photo archives of Israel.

Take a look at some of Israel's universities. The links lead to the university's English webpage.