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The beautiful language of Italian speaks to a wide variety of souls, such as:

  • Lovers of fine art who enjoy watching Italian films and reading great literature
  • Aspiring musicians and opera singers who want to experience Il Bel Canto and go to the land that inspired opera
  • Business and international relations students who want to establish connections with a business abroad
  • Individuals pursuing an academic career who want to prepare themselves for a more advanced degree
  • Children and grandchildren of Italian immigrants who want to reconnect with their roots
  • Those who simply fell in love with the beauty of Italy and long to return

There are countless reasons why people pursue the study of Italian language and culture. If you like art, design, music, food, literature, culture or film, this is the language for you!


The Italian program at the University of Denver focuses on the study of Italian language, culture, literature and film. The program seeks to develop students' Italian language proficiency by targeting reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Additionally, students are taught literary and cultural awareness in the Italian context.

Studying Italian at DU allows for an enriched learning experience, including:

  • Conversation groups with instructors and Italian exchange students
  • Community events, including plays, movies and the opera
  • Study abroad opportunities in Italy

By studying Italian, students acquire the skills they need to pursue a wide expanse of future possibilities.

Check out what Andrea, a DU student who double majored in Italian and international studies, has to say about his experience:

Source: DU VideoManager