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Japanese - Mt fuji

Programs of Study



How do you see the world?

Japanese study provides profound insights into different points of view. As you study a new and different language, you'll develop a greater understanding of your own cultural and linguistic perspective.

Engage the Global Community

The internationally connected nature of today's world makes intercultural understanding all the more vital. The study of Japan's social, cultural, and economic impact on the world fosters a more critical understanding of the global community in which we all participate.

Challenge Yourself!

The rigors of Japanese study bring about a broad level of academic excellence and help you gain better learning strategies, higher thinking skills and richer perspectives.

Choose to study abroad in Japan for a semester.


Lower-Division courses focus on the establishment of a strong linguistic foundation. This will prepare students for further study, whether that is within the Japanese program at DU, or abroad in Japan.

Upper-Division courses encourage students to engage with diverse materials and subjects in Japanese. This enables students to develop the advanced skills needed to pursue meaningful linguistic and cultural study at DU and beyond.

At all levels, we aim to foster awareness of cultural diversities and commonalities through critical approaches to cultural material and information.


Our graduates have gone on to pursue a broad range of careers and vocations, including professional pursuits in finance, business and education. Alumni include participants in the Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program, as well as winners of the prestigious Critical Language Scholarship for Japanese.

Our students have taken their Japanese studies to the next level by participating in community events and opportunities.