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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Languages & Literatures

Spanish - Students in Internship Program


Internship Program

The Internship in Spanish program provides students of Spanish the chance to work with the community outside the DU campus.

The program allows students to:

  • Explore possibilities for future employment in different fields where Spanish language and multicultural skills can be applied
  • Learn first-hand about the rich history and culture of Spanish-speaking populations
  • Put into practice the cultural awareness and sensitivity you've gained as you studied Spanish
  • Gain valuable experience by connecting with community, government and educational institutions


Participants must be Spanish majors or minors, and must also be juniors or seniors. Graduate students in related fields may participate after consultation with a Spanish advisor.


A maximum of ten quarter hours will be allowed for the Internship in Spanish program. However, only four hours may be counted toward the completion of Spanish major or minor requirements. The other six hours will be counted as electives. Each quarter hour is the equivalent of ten service hours.


At the beginning of the program, students are asked to turn in a proposal detailing the activities to be undertaken.

Throughout the internship experience, students keep a journal of daily impressions related to their activities. Students turn in weekly progress reports to the program director, including comments on the work environment and evaluations of their professional growth.

Interns are evaluated throughout the quarter by both the site supervisor and their internship advisor at DU. At the end of the quarter, students are required to turn in a thorough evaluation of the program.