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Requirements for Major


Requirements for the major in Spanish include:

  • A minimum of 44 quarter hours of approved courses above the level of SPAN 2001
  • Twelve of the 44 quarter hours must be from three 3000-level courses
  • Four of the 44 quarter hours must be from SPAN 2100
  • Four of the 44 quarter hours must be from SPAN 2300
  • Four of the 44 quarter hours must be from SPAN 2350
  • Four of the 44 quarter hours must be from SPAN 3990, which must be taken at DU

Note: For students who entered DU prior to fall 2009, all classes above SPAN 1003 can be applied to the Spanish major.


Qualified Spanish majors should consider fulfilling the requirements for Honors and Distinction in Spanish.

Students are advised to keep an eye on prerequisites:

  • SPAN 2100 is a prerequisite for SPAN 2300 and 2350.
  • SPAN 2300 is a prerequisite for Iberian-themed courses.
  • SPAN 2350 is a prerequisite for Latin American-themed courses.

Student learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate communication skills in listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing in Spanish, corresponding to an Advanced level of proficiency, according to the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines.

2. Show the capacity to interpret critically texts in Spanish (written texts as well as texts in varied media: visual, aural, etc.)

3. Show the capacity to research, manage a bibliography, and write well-reasoned research-based papers in Spanish.

4. Demonstrate sufficient cultural competency to describe basic differences and specificities of Spanish, Latin American, and US Latino cultures.

5. Demonstrate critical thinking skills by showing: a) the ability to interpret and respond to logical arguments in Spanish b) the habit of mind of questioning received truisms.

6. Demonstrate awareness and understanding of key historical processes and events of particular relevance to the Spanish, Latin American, and US Latino experience.


A maximum of 22 quarter hours of transfer credit from other institutions may be allowed toward major requirements. This might include study abroad, AP, IB and Spanish classes from other accredited universities.

Typically, in order to apply transfer credits to the major, the courses must have some equivalent in the Spanish program curriculum at the University of Denver. Students are encouraged to consult with their advisers or their study abroad advisers when seeking transfer of credit for Spanish.


Your major advisor is assigned when you bring your Change of Major form to the department office (Sturm 391) to be signed.

Your major advisor can be found through PioneerWeb. Please contact us if there is no major advisor listed for your language major.

Click on the Student tab.
Find the box labeled Advising and Registration Tools.
Click My Student Profile.
Select the correct term in the top right corner.
Your advisors should be listed at the bottom of the center box.

Contact us at if you have already declared a Spanish major and do not have an advisor assigned.

If you are interested in study abroad opportunities in Spanish-speaking countries as part of your major requirements, please contact one of the following advisors:

  • Spain: For sites in Madrid or Bilbao: contact Prof. Alicia Barrón-López, all other sites in Spain contact Prof. Sergio Macías, Sergio.Mací
  • Latin America: For sites in Argentina, Perú, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, contact Prof. Paula Adamo, sites in Chile, Ecuador, México, Costa Rica, or Misc. Latin American themed courses in other parts of the world contact Prof. Chad Leahy,