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Study Abroad

The University of Denver's German program strongly encourages its students to study abroad. With exceptional partner programs in places like Tϋbingen and Berlin, every student can find the perfect place to live and study overseas.

Through the Cherrington Global Scholars program, every eligible junior or senior has the chance to take advantage of this unique opportunity. To see currently offered programs, and for general information, visit the Cherrington Global Scholars website.

Note that a two-year, college level proficiency in German is generally the minimum requirement.

For study abroad advising and course approvals, contact the German study abroad adviser listed below.


Wilfried Wilms 
Associate Professor of German
Sturm Hall, Room 332
Phone: 303-871-2173
Email: [email protected]


Laura in HeidelbergName: Laura
Location: Heidelberg, Germany
Program: American Junior Year

"I was really impressed with the American Junior Year (AJY) in Heidelberg program. AJY gave its students tons of opportunities for both academic and cultural immersion in Germany. The outstanding aspect of AJY was its treatment of our independence: my group was small, so we were able to get to know each other well within the program—but we were never coddled or separated from 'real' Germany.

Housing for AJY students was dispersed throughout Heidelberg. There was no concentration of Americans—we lived with German students and made German friends.

The program offered us internships with different academic and social institutions (I was able to work part-time in an archive that dealt with the history of the University of Heidelberg) and also helped us to find non-academic extracurricular activities (some students chose to sing in German choirs or volunteer in German libraries).

Every waking moment, we were strongly encouraged to speak only German. I would recommend AJY both to students who are confident in their German and students who are willing to work hard to improve."

Radina in TübingenName: Radina
Location: Tübingen, Germany
Duration: One Year

"Studying abroad for one year in Germany is one of the best decisions I have made. It gave me the opportunity to not only experience the culture and language I had read about in books and learned in class, but to also meet new people from Germany and all over the world.

What makes Tübingen so special is that it is a small medieval university town located in southern Germany with a close proximity to the Black Forest, the setting of countless Brothers Grimm's tales. My favorite activities included a nice afternoon boat ride along the Neckar River with a "Stocherkahn", the Tübingen equivalent of the Oxford and Cambridge punts, and watching the German soccer team dominate in the World Cup.

My experience in Germany encouraged me to apply for the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program for Young Professionals (CBYX), where I spent another year in Germany. Now I am working on my master's degree in environmental governance in Freiburg, Germany."

Sarah in MarburgName: Sarah
Location: Marburg, Germany
Duration: One Year

"Studying abroad in Germany has been the best experience of my life. The friends I made there are people who will be dear to me forever, and I miss many of them every day.

Getting on the plane bound for Germany all by myself was really scary, but ten months later I returned with more independence and confidence than I ever expected. I learned so much about Germany, Europe and how the world runs outside my home, but I also learned so much about myself.

Marburg was the perfect city for me—a beautiful college town smack in the middle of Germany. I was able to travel to so many cities, but I loved spending time exploring Marburg with my friends, as well. Words cannot express how much I cherished my time there. By the time June rolled around, I never wanted to leave."