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Study Abroad

The Italian program at DU strongly encourages students to study abroad in Italy. There are a variety of Italian institutions to suit each student's interests and needs—from full language and academic immersion programs, to art, music and business programs, to general studies programs taught in English.

You might take a look at the University of Bologna:

  • Study at the oldest university in Europe (founded in 1088).
  • This total-immersion program will allow you to experience Italian culture first-hand.
  • With over 2000 partnership agreements with universities around the world, an international hub of activity will surround you.
  • Florence and Venice are only a one-hour train ride away.

Perhaps you'd be more interested in opportunities in Perugia:

  • Spend some time in Perugia, an ancient hilltop town in the heartland of Italy.
  • You might choose to study at the Umbra Institute, which offers courses in English, as well as internship and honors opportunities.
  • If you're looking for a full immersion program, check out the Università per Stranieri, where you can focus your studies on Italian language and culture.

Through the Cherrington Global Scholars program, every eligible junior or senior has the chance to take advantage of this unique opportunity. To see currently offered programs, and for general information, visit the Cherrington Global Scholars website.

For study abroad advising and course approvals, contact the Italian study abroad adviser listed below.


For study abroad advising and course approvals, contact:

Rachel A. Walsh, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Italian
Sturm Hall, room 341
Tel. 303.871.3492



Tyler and Mike in Perugia Names: Tyler & Mike
Location: Perugia, Italy
Program: Università per Stranieri (Umbra Institute)

"I decided to participate in the Umbra Institute's Direct Enrollment Program, to not only strengthen my Italian language skills, but to also fully embrace Italian culture. Having this experience in a genuine Italian city, such as Perugia, has only enhanced the experience." – Tyler

"I am now able to hold solid conversations in the language, which has helped build relationships with other international students." – Mike