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Study Abroad

Studying abroad in Russia is an unparalleled experience—feel the thrill of seeing a totally different world and putting your Russian language skills to the test.

Students who wish to study abroad in Russia have their choice of a variety of DU partner programs.

  • Study in the heart of Siberia at Irkutsk State Linguistic University.
  • Spend some time in the "cultural capital" of Russia at Saint Petersburg State University.
  • Experience life in Ukraine while practicing your Russian language skills at NovaMova International Language School in Kiev.

Through the Cherrington Global Scholars program, every eligible junior or senior has the chance to take advantage of this unique opportunity. To see currently offered programs, and for general information, visit the Cherrington Global Scholars website.

Note: Prior to studying abroad, students are advised to complete two years of Russian language courses (through RUSS 2110), as well as at least one cultural course.

For study abroad advising and course approvals, contact the Russian study abroad adviser listed below.


Alexei Bogdanov
Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor of Russian
Sturm Hall, Room 363
Phone: 303-871-2147
Email: [email protected]


Sierra in Saint PetersburgName: Sierra
Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Program: Saint Petersburg State University (SRAS)

"All of my experiences in Saint Petersburg have absolutely expanded my Russian language skills, as well as my knowledge of Russia's culture, spirit and the unique mentality of its people.

At night and on the weekends the city is bursting with life. Groups of fashionably dressed girls, young men, and cute couples stroll along the streets and parks. The hard work of the week can pass away, and they enjoy their stolen hours of just sitting in a cafe, dancing to salsa on the side of the Neva, or drinking vodka on a street corner making countless toasts to friends, love and life. I have wandered along this city getting lost a few times, but in my short few months here I grew to appreciate the strength and spirit of the people living here."

Name: Max
Location: Irkutsk, Russia
Program: Irkutsk State Linguistic University (SRAS)

"Those adventurous enough to study in Siberia will certainly have their curiosity rewarded. Despite the area's harsh reputation, the people themselves are some of the kindest, most inviting, and most interesting people I have ever met. Not only the teachers with whom I had hours of conversations; or just the other foreign students, who also struggled to learn the Russian language; or with my host family, who kindly invited me along on their adventures through everyday life; but also with chance encounters with people on the streets or in stores. They seem to sense the determination it takes for a student to travel as far as Siberia, and they are delighted to talk with you about anything and everything."

Zoe in VladivostokName: Zoe
Location: Vladivostok, Russia
Program: Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service (SRAS)

"Vladivostok as a city has a diverse history, and this shows in its more 'alternative' attitude and rising musical and cultural significance to Russia and the Asian-Pacific region. You'd have to look a lot harder here to find people who speak English than you would in Moscow or Saint Petersburg, which is obviously more beneficial to Russian language acquisition.

Vladivostok is for independent students who don't mind cooking for themselves, living with Russian students in close quarters, and are generally confident enough to make the experience their own. If that's you, I definitely recommend going to Vladivostok—it's an interesting viewpoint on Russian society that is rare for foreigners to experience."