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Faculty & Staff

Scholarly and Creative Work

In addition to teaching, our faculty make scholarly and creative work a top priority. Check out some of the recent scholarly and creative work to come out of the Media, Film & Journalism Studies department.

Scholarly Publications

  • Clark, Lynn Schofield and Adrienne Russell. "'The Circle' imagines a dark future without journalists in-frame." Poynter, 28 April 2017,
  • Liberman, Rachael. "The color of kink: black women, BDSM, and pornography." Feminist Media Studies 17, no. 4. 693-695. (2017).
  • Alper, Meryl, Vikki Katz, and Lynn Schofield Clark. "Researching children, intersectionality and diversity in the digital age." Journal of Children, Adolescents and Media 10, no. 1. 107-114. (2016).
  • Clark, Lynn Schofield. "The Ethics of Engagement: Considering Digital Ethics in a Critical Participatory Action Research Project with Urban Youth." In Ethics for a Digital Age. edited by Donald Heider and Bastiaan Vanacker. New York: Peter Lang. 2016.
  • Clark, Lynn Schofield. "Participants at the Margins: Examining the Role that Shared Artifacts of Engagement Play Among Minoritized Political Newcomers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter." International Journal of Communication 10, no. 1. 235-253. (2016).
  • Nygaard, Tyler, and Jorie Lagerwey. "Broadcasting Quality: Re-centering Feminist Discourse with The Good Wife." In Television and New Media. Published online June 12, 2016

Front cover of Erika Polson's "Privileged Mobilities"

  • Polson, Erika. Privileged Mobilities: Professional Migration, Geo-Social Media and a New Global Middle Class. New York: Peter Lang, 2016.
  • Silver, Derigan A. "Access to Courts." In Communication and the Law. Edited by W. Wat Hopkins. 329-362. 2016.
  • Silver, Derigan A. and Daniel V. Kozlowski. "Preserving the Law's Coherence: Citizens United v. FEC and Stare Decisis." Communication Law and Policy 21, no. 1 (2016): 39-85.

Creative Work

Christopher Coleman's visual art piece "Interstitial Zones"

  • Christopher Coleman presented his art piece "Interstitial Zones" at the "Spectra" exhibit at Eastern Connecticut State University this spring.
  • Tony Gault finished a film called "Actual Case History" in August of 2015. The synopsis reads: "Rotoscope animation reshapes a live-action film into an examination of neurosis and its transformative powers." It's what most would call an experimental film.
  • Elizabeth Henry's new film, "Out of Green Stuff Woven," was screened at the Big Muddy Film Festival (University of Illinois, Feb. 2016) and the Minneapolis International Film Festival (May 2016).
  • Sheila Schroeder co-wrote and produced DU Project F.I.L.M.'s inaugural film, Happy F-ing Valentine's Day, which has recently received the following accolades:
    • Premiered opening night of the Longmont Front Range Film Festival and took home top honors with a Best Film of the Fest Award and Audience Favorite Award. Was also nominated for Best Short Screenplay.
    • Official Finalist Status from Houston Comedy Film Festival, Las Vegas Screenplay Competition, Lyons film festival, and American Movie Awards Screenplay Competition.
    • Project DU F.I.L.M. was featured as one of 14 highlighted crowdfunding projects on One Day for DU 2016.