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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Media, Film & Journalism Studies


Faculty & Staff

Scholarly and Creative Work

In addition to teaching, our faculty make scholarly and creative work a top priority. Check out some of the recent scholarly and creative work to come out of the Media, Film & Journalism Studies department.

Scholarly Publications

  • Polson, E. (Forthcoming in 2021). "From the Tag to the #Hashtag: Street art, Instagram,and Gentrification." Space & Culture [Special Issue: Gentrification and the right to the geomedia city, edited by Maren Hartmann & André Jansson]
  • Norum, R. & Polson, E. (Forthcoming in 2021). "Placemaking Experiences in a New Economy." Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies [Special Issue: Digital Placemaking, edited by Germaine Halegoua and Erika Polson].
  • Thompson, Margaret (Under contract). Multicultural Journalism: Critical Reflexivity in News Practice, Routledge.
  • El Damanhoury, K. (2020). Toward a Protostate Media System: The Role of Content. International Journal of Communication, 14. p. 1783-1807. 
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  • Kaczkowski, W., Winkler, C., El Damanhoury, K., & Luu, Y. (2020). Intersections of the real and the virtual caliphates: The Islamic State's territory and its online propaganda. Journal of Global Security Studies.
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  • Hinzo, A., & Clark, L. S. (2019). Digital survivance and Trickster humor: Exploring visual and digital Indigenous epistemologies in the #NoDAPL movement. Information, Communication & Society 6 (AoIR Special Issue): 791-807.
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  • Coppini, D. (2019). Sensationalism versus substance: Building a framework that examines mass media coverage of migrants in the Italian context. Journal of European Popular Culture, 10(1), 53- 59,
  • DeCarvalho, L. J. & Cox, N.B. (2019). "Queerness (Un) Shackled: Theorizing Orange is the New Black." In Trier-Bieniek, A. (Ed.), Feminist Theory and Pop Culture (Second Edition). Koninklijke Brill NV: Leiden, The Netherlands.
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  • Winkler, C., El Damanhoury, K., Saleh, Z., Hendry, J., & Elkarhili, N (2019). Intersections of ISIS Media Leader Loss and Media Campaign Strategy: A Visual Framing Analysis. Media, War & Conflict. doi: 10.1177/1750635219889370
  • Jimenez, C. (2019) "Antenna Dilemmas: The Rise of an Indigenous-Language Low-Power Radio Station in Southern California," Journal of Radio and Audio Media
  • Polson, E. (2019) Information SuperCalle: The Social Internet of Havana's WiFi Streets. In Wilken, R.; Goggin, G. & Horst, H. (Eds.), Location Technologies in International Context, London, UK: Routledge.
  • Reddell, T. (2019). The Sound of Things to Come: An Audible History of the Science Fiction Film. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.
  • Kozlowski, D. V. & Silver, D. (2019). "Measuring Reed's reach: Content discrimination in the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals after Reed v. Town of Gilbert," Communication Law & Policy.

Creative Work

  • Joe Brown: 
    • His short film "Winter Cranes" has appeared at the following festivals:
      • Nederland International Film Festival, CO (November 2019)
      • Micromania Film Festival, NYC (November 2019)
      • Milwaukee Short Film Festival (September 2019)
    • His short film "City Swim" has appeared at the following festivals:
      • Green Bay International Film Festival, WI (February 2020)
      • Freeland Film Festival, WI (September 2019)
    • A film he was a camera operator on, "Killing Games: Wildlife in the Crosshairs," was screened at the Colorado Environmental Film Festival in February 2020.
  • Rod Buxton participated in the following art shows: 
    • Representing the West: A New Frontier: Merrick Butte, Twilight (Pueblo, CO – February 7 – May 10, 2020)
    • Parkview Fine Arts Festival (Aurora, CO – February 2020)
      • Won second place for The Great White Throne
    • Monochrome: Glacier Bay Wake of the Boat, Afternoon (Boulder, CO – February 7 – March 10, 2020)
    • 40West Art Galley Abstract Show: Glacier Bay Wake of the Boat, Afternoon and Upper Antelope Canyon #4 (Lakewood, CO – February 2020)
    • Landscapes and Architecture: Great White Throne, Evening (Portland, OR – January 2020)
    • Greeley Art Exhibit and Sale: Yosemite Falls Late Morning and Grizzly Falls Morning, which took second place in the photography category
    • All Colorado Juried Show, Presented by the Littleton Art Guild: The Great Sand Dunes, Evening (Great Sand Dunes National Park) and The Great White Throne, Evening (Zion National Park).
    • 25th Annual Gateway to the Rockies juried art show, sponsored by the Aurora Artists Guild: From Glacier Point, Late Afternoon (from Yosemite National Park) and Taylor Glacier and Powell Point, Late Morning (from Rocky Mt National Park).
  • Rod Buxton will release his first fine art book later this year through Blurb Books: "A Decade of Travel in U.S. National Parks and Monuments."
  • Carlos Jimenez presented a series of short films about Denver day laborers at "Life and Work Among Day Laborers in Denver: An Evening of Theater, Research, and Digital Storytelling" in March 2019 at El Centro Humanitario. The project was a collaboration between Dr. Jimenez, Marty Otañez of CU Denver, Rebecca Galemba of DU, Jim Walsh of CU Denver, the Romero Troup, El Centro Humanitario, and the workers featured.
  • Sheila Schroeder's screenplay Hunting Season, has been accepted at the following film festivals: 
    • LGBT Los Angeles Film Festival – May, 2019 – Finalist/Table Read
    • Broadcast Education Association – April, 2019 – Award of Excellence (2nd place)
    • Independent Talents International Film Festival – January, 2019 – Semi-Finalist
  • Sheila Schroeder's film Scary Lucy, produced by Project DU F.I.L.M. was screened at the following film festivals:
  • Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia, March 2019
  • American Psycosocial Oncology Society, Atlanta, GA, February 2019
  • Worldwide Women's Film Festival, Scottsdale, AZ, February 2019



  • The Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies is the proud recipient of the 2018 University of Denver Community Engaged Department of the Year award!
  • Renee Botta will present a paper at the International Communication Association's conference in Prague this summer.
  • Renee Botta will assist Project WASH in founding a women-run clinic in Haiti this summer.
  • Lynn Schofield Clark attended a the Mobile Socialities Symposium in Lund, Sweden, with Carlos Jimenez and Erika Polson.
  • Lynn Schofield Clark has been collaborating with IRISE postdoc Angel Hinzo, and the two of them have an article being published this summer, two papers accepted for two international conferences, and will be presenting their work to two DU graduate classes this spring.
  • Carlos Jimenez received a DAIS award for a study called "Self-documenting the Everyday Life of Day Laborers" which is a collaborative study with Associate Professor Marty Otañez in the University of Colorado Denver's Department of Anthropology. The proposed project examines, through visual and mobile phone research strategies, the livelihoods of day laborers in the Denver Metro Area.
  • Carlos Jimenez attended the Mobile Socialities Symposium in Lund, Sweden, with Erika Polson and Lynn Schofield Clark.
  • Andrew Matranga hosts a podcast, Sticker Stories
  • Erika Polson attended a conference in Lund, Sweden, with Carlos Jimenez and Lynn Schofield Clark.




  • Rod Buxton presented the following art shows:
    • Photographic Portfolio Review at the Colorado Photographic Art Center Month of Photography, McNichols Building, Civic Center Park (March 23, 2019)
    • Photographic Portfolio Review at the Stanley Arts Festival in Aurora (September 2018)
    • Artists in August in Lowry at the Lowry Arts Festival (August 2018)
  • Clark, L. S. (2018). Storytelling the self into citizenship: How social media practices facilitate adolescent and emerging adult political life. In Zizi Papacharissi (Ed.), The Networked Self: Birth, Life, Death. New York: Routledge.
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  • Clark, L. S. (2018).Sketching a research agenda on families and technology in an era of migration. In Jennifer Van Hook, Susan M. McHale, & Valerie King (Eds.), Families and Technology: The 25th Annual Symposium on the Family. New York: Springer.
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  • Marchi, R., & Clark, L. S. (2018). Social media and connective journalism: The formation of counterpublics and youth civic participation. Journalism.
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  • Kaneva, N. S. (2018). "Trump and Putin Told the Same Lie in Helsinki, But For Different Reasons: What that shows about the global balance of power." o Published the following book chapters:
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  • Sheila Schroeder:
    • "Scary Lucy" - Screenplay: 
      • Grand Prize Winner – Nevada International Film Festival, 2018
        Grand Prize Winner – American Movie Awards
      • Colorado Film Award – Silver – Colorado International Film Festival, 2018
      • Aloha Accolade Award, Honolulu Film Awards, 2018
      • Runner Up, Best Screenplay – University Film and Video Association, 2017
    • Scary Lucy - Film
      • Official Selection – Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs LGBT Film Festival, September 2018
      • Official Selection – Out on Film, Atlanta LGBTQ Film Festival, September 2018
      • Official Selection – World Wide Women's Film Festival
      • Outreels Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, November 2018
      • Film Girl Film Festival, Milwaukee, WI, October 2018
      • Broad Humor Film Festival, Venice Beach, CA, September 2018
      • FM LGBT Film Festival, Fargo/Morehead, ND, September 2018
      • North Carolina Gay Lesbian Film Festival, Durham, NC, August 2018
      • Damn These Heels, Salt Lake City, LGBTQ Film Festival, July 2018
      • Kansas City LGBTQ Film Festival, June 2018
      • Cinema Systers Film Festival, Paducah, KY, May 2018

  • Kochanova, M. and Botta, R.A. (2017) "We Don't Want to Know": HIV from a Cultural Perspective. In Athena du Pre and Eileen Berlin Ray (eds.) Case Studies: Real-Life Scenarios in Health Communication. Oxford University Press.
  • Buxton, Rod: 
    • Presented three art pieces as part of the Gateway to the Rockies exhibit at the Aurora History Museum: "Candlestick Tower, Midafternoon," "Double arch, Morning," and "Green River Overlook, Afternoon."
    • "Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River" was selected, along with five others, for a pilot merchandising program between the Creative Action Network and one of the lodges at Yellowstone National Park in conjunction with the See America project. It will appear on t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc., sold by the park.
    • Curated an art show in the Driscoll Center Gallery in October titled, "People, Places, and Spaces".
    • Submitted two art pieces for the juried "iPhoneography" exhibit in March during the Front Range biennial Month of Photography at the Spark Gallery.
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  • Schroeder, Sheila: 
    • "Happy F-ing Valentine's Day" - Film
      • Audience Award - Longmont Front Range Film Festival
      • Audience Choice Award – Lyons Film Festival
      • Best Short Comedy – Kansas LGBT Film Festival
      • Best Short Narrative – Dallas Video Festival
      • Best Short Narrative – Desperado LGBT Film Festival
      • Broad Humor Film Festival September 2015 Winner: Best Short Screenplay
      • Houston Comedy Film Festival May 2016 Nominated: Best Short Screenplay
      • American Movie Awards May 2016 Official Finalist: Short Screenplay
      • Intendence Film Festival June 2016
      • Las Vegas Screenplay Contest August 2016 Official Finalist: Short Screenplay
      • North Carolina LGBT Film Festival August 2016
      • Breckenridge Film Festival September 2016
      • Reeling Film Festival September 2016
      • TampaBay International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival September 2016
      • Dallas VideoFest October 2016
      • Out on Film October 2016
      • Denver Film Festival November 2016
      • Colorado Independent Women of Film Festival February 2017
        Sedona International Film Festival February 2017
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