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Media, Film & Journalism Studies


Faculty & Staff

Scholarly and Creative Work

In addition to teaching, our faculty make scholarly and creative work a top priority. Check out some of the recent scholarly and creative work to come out of the Media, Film & Journalism Studies department.

Scholarly Publications

  • Renee Botta is working on a chapter for Lynn Schofield Clark and Erika Polson's book on Media and Class.
  • Lynn Schofield Clark is working on a book on Media and Class for Routledge with Erika Polson.
  • Lynn Schofield Clark published the following book chapters: 
    • Clark, L. S., & Golan, O. (2019). From designed to spontaneous: Technologically enhanced learning communities (An introduction). In Yael Kali, Ayelet Baram Tzabari, & Amit Schejter (Eds.), Learning in a Networked Society. New York: Springer.
    • Clark, L. S. (2018). Storytelling the self into citizenship: How social media practices facilitate adolescent and emerging adult political life. In Zizi Papacharissi (Ed.), The Networked Self: Birth, Life, Death. New York: Routledge.
    • Clark, L. S., & Brites, M. J. (2018). The challenge of extending youth rights in families: Differing approaches to cultivating citizenship. (2018th ed.). Nordicom Review. Gothenberg, Sweden.
    • Clark, L. S. (2018). Sketching a research agenda on families and technology in an era of migration. In Jennifer Van Hook, Susan M. McHale, & Valarie King (Eds.), Families and Technology: The 25th Annual Symposium on the Family. New York: Springer.
    • Clark, L. S., & Gillespie, M. (2018). From Scandinavia to the world. Contesting Religion: The Media Dynamics of Cultural Conflicts in Scandinavia.
  • Lynn Schofield Clark published the following encyclopedia entry:
    • Clark, L. S., & Walker, S. (2018). Popular Culture. Encyclopedia of Religion.
  • Lynn Schofield Clark published the following journal articles:
  • Lynn Schofield Clark published the following program manual:
    • Kennedy, H., Dorsey, C., Anyon, Y., & Clark, L. S. (2018). YELL @ Denver program manual. Denver, CO: The Bridge Project, Graduate School of Social Work, University of Denver.
  • David Coppini has published a new article:
    • Coppini, D., Alvarez, G., Rojas, H. (2018). Entertainment, News, and Inequality. How Colombian media shape perceptions of income inequality and why it matters. International Journal of Communication, 12, 1651-1674.
  • Christof Demont-Heinrich is working on a book chapter on media imperialism.
  • Carlos Jimenez presented a series of short films about Denver day laborers at "Life and Work Among Day Laborers in Denver: An Evening of Theater, Research, and Digital Storytelling" on Thursday, March 7. The project was a collaboration between Dr. Jimenez, Marty Otañez of CU Denver, Rebecca Galemba of DU, Jim Walsh of CU Denver, the Romero Troup, El Centro Humanitario, and the workers featured.
  • Carlos Jimenez Has a book chapter coming out soon:
    • "Radio Indígena and Indigenous Mexican Farmworkers in Oxnard, California" in Digital Activism and Indigenous Community Media in Latin America. Edited by Cheryl Martens, Cristina Venegas, and Esta Franklin Sharupi Tapuy. Forthcoming.
  • Nadia Kaneva published the following blog articles: 
  • Nadia Kaneva published the following book chapters: 
    • Kaneva, N. S. (2018). Nation branding: Toward an agenda for critical research. In Hong Fan & Yu Hu (Eds.), Nation Image: The Belt and Road Initiative and Nation Branding. (pp. 157-179). Beijing: Tsinghua University Press.
    • Kaneva, N. S. (2018). Neoliberal development and nation branding: Lessons from post-war Kosovo. In James Pamment & Karin Wilkins (Eds.), Communicating National Image through Development and Diplomacy: The Politics of Foreign Aid. New York/London: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Erika Polson is working on a book on Media and Class for Routledge with Lynn Schofield Clark.
  • Erika Polson published the following book chapters: 
    • Polson, E. (2019). Information SuperCalle: Fixed mobility on Havana's WiFi streets. In Rowan Wilken, Gerard Goggin, & Heather Horst (Eds.), Location Technologies in International Contexts. New York, NY / London: Routledge.
    • Polson, E. (2018). 'Doing' Local: Place-based travel apps and the globally networked self. In Zizi Papacharissi (Ed.), A Networked Self: Platforms, Stories, Connections. (vol. 2). Routledge.
  • Derigan Silver has published a new book chapter and is working on an article. His textbook, Mass Media Law, has been accepted for another edition.
  • Margie Thompson is working on her book, which is under contract.

Creative Work

  • Rod Buxton presented the following exhibits: 
    • Buxton, R., "Photographic Portfolio Review," Colorado Photographic Art Center Month of Photography, McNichols Building, Civic Center Park (March 23, 2019).
    • Buxton, R., "Stanley Arts Festival", Art - Arts Festival, Stanley Marketplace and Cherry Creek Arts, Aurora, Colorado USA (September 8, 2018 - September 9, 2018).
    • Buxton, R., "Artists in August in Lowry", Art - Arts Festival, The Lowry Foundation, Denver, Colorado USA (August 26, 2018).
  • Jeremy Dehn is working on a feature film project tentatively titled "Beasts Undiscovered"
  • Sheila Schroeder co-wrote and produced DU Project F.I.L.M.'s second film, Scary Lucy, which has recently received the following accolades:
    • Premiered on Thursday, May 10 at the Mayan Theatre to an audience of 300. 
    • Official Selection for the Cinema Systers Film Festival
    • Official Selection for the Glitter Oklahoma LGBTQ Film Festival
    • Short Script Finalist for the California Women's Film Festival
    • Official Selection for the Out Here Now Kansas City LGBT Film Festival
    • Official Selection for the North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
  • Sheila Schroeder's screenplay Hunting Season, has been accepted at the following film festivals: 
    • LGBT Los Angeles Film Festival – May, 2019 – Finalist/Table Read
    • Broadcast Education Association – April, 2019 – Award of Excellence (2nd place)
    • Independent Talents International Film Festival – January, 2019 – Semi-Finalist
  • Involvement

    • The Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies is the proud recipient of the 2018 University of Denver Community Engaged Department of the Year award!
    • Renee Botta will present a paper at the International Communication Association's conference in Prague this summer.
    • Renee Botta will assist Project WASH in founding a women-run clinic in Haiti this summer.
    • Lynn Schofield Clark attended a the Mobile Socialities Symposium in Lund, Sweden, with Carlos Jimenez and Erika Polson.
    • Lynn Schofield Clark has been collaborating with IRISE postdoc Angel Hinzo, and the two of them have an article being published this summer, two papers accepted for two international conferences, and will be presenting their work to two DU graduate classes this spring.
    • Carlos Jimenez received a DAIS award for a study called "Self-documenting the Everyday Life of Day Laborers" which is a collaborative study with Associate Professor Marty Otañez in the University of Colorado Denver's Department of Anthropology. The proposed project examines, through visual and mobile phone research strategies, the livelihoods of day laborers in the Denver Metro Area.
    • Carlos Jimenez attended the Mobile Socialities Symposium in Lund, Sweden, with Erika Polson and Lynn Schofield Clark.
    • Andrew Matranga hosts a podcast, Sticker Stories
    • Erika Polson attended a conference in Lund, Sweden, with Carlos Jimenez and Lynn Schofield Clark.