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MFJS Margolin Lecturer

Media, Film & Journalism Studies

The Morton L. Margolin Lecturer


Morton Margolin Headshot

Beginning in 2015, the Morton L. Margolin Distinguished Lecture has been given each year in honor of renowned Colorado business journalist Morton Margolin. During his distinguished 35-year career as a journalist with the Rocky Mountain News and the Colorado Business Magazine that he co-founded, Margolin received many awards, including a nomination for the Pulitzer Prize. His series of news stories exposing controversial U.S. reclamation projects in the Riverton, Wyo., area in 1952 won him that nomination.

Prior to the Morton L. Margolin Distinguished Lecture Series, the University of Denver School of Communication and the Denver College of Business presented the prestigious Morton Margolin Prize recognizing Distinguished Business Reporting in Colorado from 1980 until 2008. A group of Margolin's friends established the award following his death in 1978 to recognize his career as a business journalist for local publications, including the Rocky Mountain News and Colorado Business Magazine.

Morton L. Margolin Distinguished Lecturer

Fourth Annual Morton L. Margolin Distinguished Lecturer: Dean Baker

Dean Baker's headshotThe Departments of Media, Film & Journalism Studies and Economics were proud to host this year's Morton L. Margolin Distinguished Lecturer: Dean Baker, on Tuesday, January 30. Baker, who is an American economist and co-founder of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, D.C., is also a University of Denver alum. He completed a master's degree in economics at the University of Denver in 1983, along with an undergraduate degree from Swarthmore and a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. As a graduate student at Michigan, Baker participated in sit-ins protesting U.S. Rep. Carl Pursell's votes for military aid to Nicaragua's counterinsurgent Contras and later ran unsuccessfully for Congress against Pursell. Beyond his scholarly career as a lecturer, professor, economist and consultant, Baker is the author of 10 books, a blogger (his active "Beat the Press" provides commentary on economic reporting) and a commentator whom many sources credit with predicting the crash of the U.S. housing bubble in the latter years of the preceding decade. Baker is an experienced speaker on economics and politics, with a number of video clips available online, and active on Twitter. We hope that Dean will be able to help our students, faculty, staff and larger community make sense of the current economic transitions in the U.S. and around the world.

Students, faculty, staff, and community members attended Dr. Baker's lecture, titled, "The News on the Economy: It's Not What It Should Be." Speaking to journalists and economists alike, he focused on economic journalism and what is lacking in the field, providing specific examples of past and current trends that directly affect how the public views the economy for better or for worse. He called upon journalists to be more transparent and to work harder at providing credible, comprehensible information to the American people.

Past Honorees

Morton Margolin Business Journalism Award Winners
  • 2008: Gargi Chakrabarty, Rocky Mountain News
  • 2007: David Olinger and Aldo Svaldi, Denver Post
  • 2006: Allen Best, Colorado Biz
  • 2005: Paul Beebe and Bryan Oller, The Gazette
  • 2004: Greg Griffin and Jeffrey Leib, The Denver Post
  • 2003: Louis Aguilar and Kevin Simpson, The Denver Post
  • 2002: Shannon Joyce Neal, The Daily Sentinel
  • 2001: Greg Griffin, The Denver Post
  • 2000: Tina Griego, The Denver Rocky Mountain News
  • 1999: Al Lewis, The Denver Rocky Mountain News
  • 1998: Michelle S. Conklin, Rocky Mountain News
  • 1997: Alan Prendergast, Westword
  • 1996: John Accola, Rocky Mountain News
  • 1995: Price Coleman, Rocky Mountain News
  • 1994: Julie Hutchinson, Colorado Business
  • 1993: Garrison Wells, Denver Business Journal
  • 1992: Andy van De Voorde, Westword
  • 1991: Jaye Scholl, Barron’s
  • 1990: Don Knox, Rocky Mountain News
  • 1989: Mark Harden, The Herald ( Everett , Washington )
  • 1988: Henry Dubroff and Mark Tatge, The Denver Post
  • 1987: Suzanne Costas, Denver Business Journal
  • 1986: Michael Rounds, Rocky Mountain News
  • 1985: Glenn Meyers and Jeff Rundles, Rocky Mountain Business Journal
  • 1984: Gail Pits, The Denver Post
  • 1983: Joe Weber, Rocky Mountain News
  • 1982: William Boas, Jr, Colorado Business
  • 1981: Jerry Ruhl, Rocky Mountain News
  • 1980: Alan Gersten, Rocky Mountain News

Margolin sisters, DU faculty, and DU students pose at the Margolin Lecture 2015

Back row, from left to right: Merrie Kippur (daughter of Morton Margolin), Riva Froymovitch (Inaugural Margolin Distinguished Lecturer), Isabel Raitt (BA'17), Courtney Dunson (BA'15), Kyna Moore (MA'15), Kaley Anderson (MA'16)
Front row: Danielle Vaughn (MA'15), Professor Lynn Schofield Clark, Sonia ImMasche (daughter of Morton Margolin), Kellyn Smith (Sr. Dir. of Development, University Advancement)