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From a BA to an Emmy: Blake Foeman Finds Success at ESPN

By Jessica Johnson, Journalism Studies

Featured in the Spring 2017 issue of the Media, Film & Journalism Studies newsletter, Perspectives. 

Blake FoemanUniversity of Denver alumnus Blake Foeman has spent the last "three years and some change" working in production at ESPN. Last year, he won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Weekly Studio Show for his work on the show, College GameDay .

Foeman graduated from the University of Denver in 2013 with a bachelor's degree in journalism. Foeman came to Denver from his hometown in Florida to play basketball. Shortly after graduation he landed a job at ESPN, translating his passion for sports into a career as an associate producer.

Foeman won an Emmy Award for his work on College GameDay, a Saturday morning show on ESPN that broadcasts live from a different college campus every week. Through his work at ESPN, he is constantly meeting new and interesting people.

"There are so many celebrities and athletes around every corner, but you have to be professional about it," said Foeman. "You always just want to pull out your phone and take a photo of somebody, but they're your colleagues."

Foeman didn't always know he wanted to be a journalist. He attributes his interest in journalism back to its root, a love for the art of storytelling, which he discovered while attending DU.

"I was always a fan of storytelling and journalism gave me that outlet, so that's just sort of my rhyme and reason behind it," said Foeman.

During his time at DU, Foeman specifically recalled an introductory film production class with Sheila Schroeder that taught him what it meant to be a producer: a lesson that has stayed with him and helped him further his career.

"With that class you do the projects, making your own stories and films and stuff like that, and I kind of just fell in love with that process," said Foeman. "Ever since then I've always been chasing the next goal to get to the next step in my career."

Foeman acquired many fundamental skills necessary for his day-to-day life at ESPN during his time at DU. Writing for The Clarion and working in the field for his production classes established a foundation that he still draws from whenever he puts together a script or feature. However, according to Foeman, the most valuable skill he learned at DU was patience.

"Coming here to ESPN, obviously you have like your visions of what you want to do with your career, but it's such a large place and it's easy to get lost in the mix," said Foeman. "But I always had that patience of where I wanted to be in my career [and] what my end goal was, so each step I got to at ESPN, each show I got on, I was always trying to move onto the next venue, the next story, the next show."

After working diligently for the past few years, Foeman says his hard work is really starting to pay off, with one Emmy win under his belt and another Emmy nomination for this year.

For students who are pursuing a career in journalism, Foeman's advice is to be versatile.

"Even if you want to be on camera, you have to be able to know how to write and how to speak well, because the way you speak is tied to the way you write," said Foeman. "A lot of anchors have to write their lead ins and write their tags, so you have to write well, know how to put together stories, and know how to produce a film. Just be well versed in every aspect of it."

On May 9, 2017 Blake won his second Emmy for College GameDay in the "Outstanding Studio Show - Weekly" category. Blake has since been promoted to E:60 to produce short and long-form documentary films. Congratulations, Blake!