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Chair's Corner

Fall 2018

By Lynn Schofield Clark, Chair of the Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies

Lynn Schofield Clark



"This fall has been so busy!," seems to be the refrain of the moment in the Department of Media, Film, and Journalism Studies. Here's why. During the fall quarter, our department:




  • Welcomed new undergraduate and graduate students into our programs
  • Offered 15 undergraduate and 2 graduate courses as well as university-wide seminars for freshmen and advanced undergraduate students
  • Oversaw students in 10 internships (see article this issue)
  • Welcomed new faculty member Assistant Professor Lauren DeCarvalho (see story in this issue)
  • Welcomed Teaching Assistant Professor Rachael Liberman, whose position is now permanent, to the position of Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Celebrated Associate Professor Sheila Schroeder's selection as the Faculty Lecturer for DU's College of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Celebrated Associate Professor Derigan Silver's selection as Inaugural Director of the Center for Innovation in the Creative and Liberal Arts (CILCA)
  • Celebrated Assistant Professor David Coppini's selection as Fellow for the university's Center on American Politics as well as for grants he received from CCESL, FRF, the Maglione grant, an Emerging Scholars Fellowship
  • Celebrated Assistant Professor Carlos Jimenez's selection for two grants from DULCCES (DU Latino Center for Community Engagement and Scholarship) in support of his research on mobile phone use and human rights among Denver day laborers
  • Celebrated the selection of Young People and the Future of News as the 2018 Nancy Baym Book award recipient from the international Association of Internet Researchers (a book coauthored by me, MFJS Chair Lynn Schofield Clark, and coauthor Regina Marchi of Rutgers University)
  • Participated in the Colorado Media Project's unveiling of results and discussed implications of its findings in our journalism classes (see story in this issue)
  • Participated in a joint exhibit, "Denver Through My Eyes," which brought the work of junior high and high school aged journalists, filmmakers, and artists to the city's Wellington Webb building as a means of bringing youth voice to policymakers (see story in this issue)
  • Hosted our annual Estlow Anvil of Freedom award winner (see story in this issue)
  • Served as Faculty Champions on the subject of research into Denver's gentrification (Associate Professor Erika Polson and Assistant Professor Carlos Jimenez with IIC student Mia Edwards as graduate assistant)
  • Crafted descriptions for two new faculty positions (one in digital cultures/journalism and one in film production and film studies) and got searches for those positions under way
  • Welcomed alumni, one of whom have recently moved back to the Denver area (tv pro Steve Rose) and one (former White House correspondent Bob Berkowitz) who offered media training for faculty and students
  • Conducted annual reviews with each member of our outstanding faculty and staff
  • Participated in Colorado's annual Student Media Day for high school students
  • Participated in the university's launch of the year's DU Grand Challenges
  • Presented research at the meetings of the international Association of Internet Researchers, the UW Symposium on Journalism, the International Society for Religion, Media, and Culture, and Colorado Public Health Association's Educational Research Association (CERA)
  • Screened the Project DU FILM Scary Lucy at Cinema Diverse, LGBT Film Festival, FM LGBT Film Festival, Out on Film, the Film Girl Film Festival, and the San Antonio QFest. The screenplay was selected as a finalist with the South Carolina Underground Film Festival.
  • Screened the Project DU FILM Happy F-ing Valentine's Day at @More of Plus Film Festival
  • Organized and began hosting Documenting the World, a guest series featuring DU alum who are documentary filmmakers (see announcement in this issue)
  • Moved The Clarion offices to a temporary location while Driscoll is rebuilt
  • With the religious studies department, organized a preconference on race, representation and analytical inquiry for the American Association of Religion conference

And there's more that is in the works that we can't report yet. Let us know when you'll be in the area. As we hope you'll come visit and attend some of our terrific upcoming events. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with us!