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Alumnus Geoff Renstrom Opens Public Relations Business

Geoff Renstrom moved to Denver from Boise, Idaho to earn a Master's in Strategic Communication from the University of Denver. He landed a job at a top brand consultancy while he was still a graduate student and continued to work in the agency world for eight years. Recently, Geoff has transitioned into a new professional role as owner of Attune Public Relations. In addition to being a versatile PR pro, he is a music buff, an enthusiastic brewer, and a dedicated husband and dad.

Geoff Renstrom, MA '11 What is your current professional position and what do you love about it?
I own my own PR and Marketing consulting business in Denver. After eight years of working in PR agencies, I made a shift for more flexibility in my career. I absolutely love the balance it gives me and the opportunity to be nimble in helping a variety of brands tell their story in an authentic way.

How did your degree in Strategic Communication from the University of Denver prepare you for what you are doing today?
Without DU and the Master's degree I received, I would not have had the same opportunity to start immediately at a top agency in Denver. As I've grown my career and moved into a hiring position myself, I'm consistently impressed by the quality of young professionals coming out of the Strategic Communication program in the Department of Media, Film and Journalism Studies.

What was your favorite thing about your graduate experience at the University of Denver?
The depth of knowledge and experience that the professors bring. A variety of backgrounds, focuses and lenses through which to view communication and media make for an exciting and immensely impactful graduate experience.

What advice do you have for prospective students who are thinking about getting a Master's degree in Media and Public Communication at DU?
Go for it! Gaining such great perspectives and a broader worldview is extremely helpful and rewarding, whether you're just starting your career or have been working for 20 years.