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Student activities

  • Julia Dacy (Senior Strategic Communication and Socio-Legal Studies Double Major) was the 2017 winner of the new MFJS Lance Clem Internship award. She completed her internship this summer at Township High School in Arlington Heights, IL.
  • Drew Carey (Junior Strategic Communication Major) was awarded one of DU's 13 summer internship awards. Read more.

FACULTY updates

  • "Green River Outlook," by Rodney BuxtonRod Buxton:
    • "Yellowstone Lake Sunset" art piece was sold at a Sierra Club Auction
    • Three art pieces were displayed as part of the Gateway to the Rockies exhibit at the Aurora History Museum: "Candlestick Tower, Midafternoon," "Double arch, Morning," and "Green River Overlook, Afternoon."
    • "Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River" was selected, along with five others, for a pilot merchandising program between the Creative Action Network and one of the lodges at Yellowstone National Park in conjunction with the See America project. It will appear on t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc., sold by the park.
    • Curated an art show in the Driscoll Center Gallery in October titled, "People, Places, and Spaces".
  • Front cover of Lynn Schofield Clark's "Young People and the Future of News"Lynn Schofield Clark:
    • Published "Young People and the Future of News", which was released in September 2017.
      • Clark, L.S., & Marchi, R.M. (2017). "Young people and the future of news: Social media and the rise of connective journalism." Cambridge, United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press.
    • Spent the summer working with the Summer Youth Media Mentoring Project, a collaboration between the Bridge Project, the Graduate School of Social Work, the Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies, and the Open Media Foundation to help at-risk middle schoolers to create digital stories about their own lives.
  • Nadia Kaneva is the new Director for the M.A. in Media & Public Communication Program.
  • Rachael Liberman has been named a Faculty Career Champion by DU's Office of Career Services.
  • Andrew Matranga has been named a Faculty Career Champion by DU's Office of Career Services.
  • Erika Polson is the new Director for the M.A. in International & Intercultural Communication Program
  • Sheila Schroeder:
    • Is on sabbatical this quarter
    • Is working on the filming stage of Project DU F.I.L.M.'s second short comedy, "Scary Lucy".
  • Derigan Silver has co-authored a textbook, the latest edition of "Mass Media Law", which will be released in January, 2018.