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Mark your Calendars for Real News Day

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The Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies is proud to announce that, in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Estlow International Center for Journalism & New Media's Anvil of Freedom Award and in conjunction with the Denver Press Club, Friday, April 27th will be honored by the Denver Press Club and the University of Denver as Real News Day.

Real News Day will consist of a series of events related to journalism and the media nationally and in Denver. The Estlow Center and the Denver Press Club will also play host to two special guests from the Washington Post on that date: reporter Kimberly Kindy will receive the Estlow Center's 25th Anniversary Anvil of Freedom Award and Washington Post editor Martin Baron will receive the Denver Press Club's prestigious Damon Runyon Award.

Real News day will open with a morning panel at the Colorado Capitol building on the topic of the #MeToo phenomenon, featuring Kindy, Colorado Speaker of the House Crisanta Duran, and representatives of the University of Denver and the Denver community. The event will be hosted by the Estlow Center, in partnership with the University of Denver's Departments of Media, Film & Journalism Studies and Communication Studies, the DU Center on American Politics, and the Colorado Women's College, among other community partners.

Kindy will be presented with the Anvil of Freedom award during a luncheon lecture at the University of Denver. Baron will be the featured speaker at the Denver Press Club's Damon Runyon Award dinner later that evening.

#MeToo Panel
This morning panel will convene DU scholars, government officials, media professionals, and community members to discuss the significance of the #MeToo movement and the questions that it raises, especially related to sexual assault and harassment: the shifting dynamics of burden of proof (who is presumed to have to prove that someone was assaulted and/or harrassed?), the power and volatility of personal testimony and story as forms of evidence (especially in the times of "fake news" and "social movement 2.0"), institutional accountability, and the role of the media (traditional news outlets as well as social media) in these shifts.

Featured panelists include Colorado Speaker of the House Crisanta Duran, Washington Post reporter Kimberly Kindy, Neha Mahajan, Executive Director of 9 to 5, Lisa Ingarfield of the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault and the Graduate School of Social Work at DU, Nantiya Ruan, a Law Professor at Sturm College of Law and Of Counsel at Outten & Golen LLP, NYC, Professor Christina Foust of the Communication Studies Department at DU, and Lynn Schofield Clark, Director of the Estlow Center for Journalism and New Media and Professor at DU's Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies. Renee Botta, Associate Professor and Acting Chair of the Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies, will moderate.

Sponsors include the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault and the Open Media Foundation. University of Denver sponsors include: the Estlow International Center for Journalism and New Media, The Divisions of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, the Department of Communication Studies, the Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies, the Center on American Politics, the Office of Academic Innovation, and the Graduate School of Social Work.

Light refreshments will be provided.

The Estlow Center Anvil of Freedom Award
Kimberly Kindy HeadshotEach year, the Estlow International Center for Journalism & New Media works with industry professionals and academic leaders to select the Estlow lecturer and recipient of the Anvil of Freedom Award. The Estlow Center invites the honoree to serve as a keynote lecturer at a university-wide event, which recognizes outstanding contributions to journalism and democracy, and also to speak with classes and student groups during his or her visit to campus. For more than a dozen years, the Department of Media, Film and Journalism Studies has been home to the Estlow Center, whose mission is to contribute to the public good by improving the understanding of how people make meaning out of journalism, digital media and popular entertainment.

The selection of this year's Anvil of Freedom speaker was an especially important choice, as 2017-18 represents the 25th anniversary of the lecture series. The Estlow Lecture and Anvil of Freedom award recognizes superior leadership and commitment to ethics, integrity and democratic freedoms, especially the protection of the First Amendment. The event forges interdisciplinary and cross-institutional connections and enables the University of Denver to serve as host for a fulsome exploration of the state of journalism and its evolving relationship to the democratic self-governance so central to U.S. identity.

Kindy's name initially came to the attention of the Estlow Center as a news leader in the Post's 2016 Pulitzer Prize-winning series on police shootings. The award in the "National Reporting" category — which the Post has won three times in the past three years — recognized the newspaper for "its revelatory initiative in creating and using a national database to illustrate how often and why the police shoot to kill and who the victims are most likely to be."

In a letter inviting Kindy to deliver this year's Estlow lecture, Clark cited the reporter's "outstanding commitment to coverage of issues related to race, gender, and civil rights. Through your work in reporting on sexual harassment in Congress, your ongoing coverage of hurricane relief efforts, and your coverage of the rise of white nationalism and the abiding interest in Confederate monuments, in addition to your renowned work on reporting data related to police shootings, your work has provided invaluable insights to politicians, policymakers, and to the general public."

Recently, Kindy has covered for the Post former congressional staffers who are calling for policy changes and for sexual-harassment training in the U.S. Capitol. She has also reported on the ongoing climate-related crises in Florida and Houston, holding the Federal Emergency Management Agency accountable for keeping its promises to flood and hurricane victims, as well as the scrutiny of Confederate monuments and the rise of white-nationalist movements.

More details about Real News Day and the 25th Anniversary Estlow Center Anvil of Freedom award may be found online at