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An attendee in the audience stands to ask a question during the 2019 Colorado Migrahack Estlow Lecture.

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In addition to the Media, Film & Journalism Studies website, you can keep current on University of Denver news and events by watching DU Magazine and the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences newsletter, expressions.

  • Dr. Rod Buxton has been named Professor Emeritus, following his retirement in Spring 2019. 
  • Dr. Rod Buxton: 
    • Showed two paintings at the Greely Art Exhibit and Sale, a national juried art show. One of the pieces took second place in the photography category. 
    • Showed two pieces for the All-Colorado juried show at the Depot Gallery in Littleton, sponsored by the Littleton Art Guild. 
    • Had two pieces accepted to the 25th Annual Gateway to the Rockies juried Art Show, sponsored by the Aurora Artists Guild.  
  • Joe Brown: 
    • Has been elected Executive Vice President of the University Film & Video Association (UFVA). This is his second term as Executive VP. 
    • Joe represented the UFGA at the CILECT Conference (the International Association of Film & Television Schools) in Moscow, Russia, in mid-October. 
    • Screened his short film "Winter Cranes" at the Milwaukee Short Film Festival in early September. the same film screened at Milwaukee's premiere film festival, the MKE Film Festival, in October. 
    • Screened his short film, "City Swim" at the Freeland Film Festival in Green Lake, WI in September.
  • Lynn Schofield Clark received a DAIS award with Carlos Jimenez and Yolanda Anyon, associate professor in the Graduate School of Social Work, to support their collaborative project with undergraduate and graduate students to work with early adolescents of color from economically distressed neighborhoods as co-investigators in an interdisciplinary ethnographic study about how youth from economically distressed neighborhoods incorporate social media into their everyday lives, exploring what the young people think constitutes a 'healthy' social media 'diet.'
  • Chris Coleman was selected as a Mozilla Open Leader for this year. 
  • David Coppini published the following articles:
    • Mun, K., Rojas, H., Coppini, D., Cho, H. (2019). Studying Political Tolerance in an Era of Terrorism Frames and Social Media. Media, War & Conflict. In press.
    • Duncan, M. & Coppini, D. (2019). "Party and Peers. Corrective action effects on opinion and expression in the context of intergroup political conflict". Journal of Information, Technology and Politics, 16(3), 265-289,
    • Coppini, D. (2019). Sensationalism versus substance: Building a framework that examines mass media coverage of migrants in the Italian context. Journal of European Popular Culture, 10(1), 53-59,
  • Lauren J. DeCarvalho: 
    • Is an editor of a forthcoming (April 2020) anthology, Reliving the Crash: Global Recession Narratives in Film and Television.
    • o Published an updated book chapter for the second edition of the edited anthology, Feminist Theory and Pop Culture. The chapter title is "Queerness (Un)Shackled: Theorizing Orange is the New Black."
  • Christof Demont-Heinrich published a book chapter entitled "New Global Music Distributions System, Same Old Linguistic Hegemony? Analyzing English on Spotify," in Media Imperialism: Continuity and Change, edited by Oliver Boyd-Barrett and Tanner Mirrlees and published by Rowman & Littlefield. 
  • Derigan Silver is working on the 21st edition of Mass Media Law, which will be released in January. 

Here you'll find an archive of news from the Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies as well as feature stories on our students, faculty and alumni.

Departmental News Archive
Faculty News Archive
  • Lynn Schofield Clark published the following book chapters: 
    • Clark, L. S., & Golan, O. (2019). From designed to spontaneous: Technologically enhanced learning communities (An introduction). In Yael Kali, Ayelet Baram Tzabari, & Amit Schejter (Eds.), Learning in a Networked Society. New York: Springer.
    • Clark, L. S. (2018). Storytelling the self into citizenship: How social media practices facilitate adolescent and emerging adult political life. In Zizi Papacharissi (Ed.), The Networked Self: Birth, Life, Death. New York: Routledge.
    • Clark, L. S., & Brites, M. J. (2018). The challenge of extending youth rights in families: Differing approaches to cultivating citizenship. (2018th ed.). Nordicom Review. Gothenberg, Sweden.
    • Clark, L. S. (2018). Sketching a research agenda on families and technology in an era of migration. In Jennifer Van Hook, Susan M. McHale, & Valarie King (Eds.), Families and Technology: The 25th Annual Symposium on the Family. New York: Springer.
    • Clark, L. S., & Gillespie, M. (2018). From Scandinavia to the world. Contesting Religion: The Media Dynamics of Cultural Conflicts in Scandinavia.
  • Lynn Schofield Clark published the following encyclopedia entry:
    • Clark, L. S., & Walker, S. (2018). Popular Culture. Encyclopedia of Religion.
  • Lynn Schofield Clark published the following journal articles:
  • Lynn Schofield Clark published the following program manual:
    • Kennedy, H., Dorsey, C., Anyon, Y., & Clark, L. S. (2018). YELL @ Denver program manual. Denver, CO: The Bridge Project, Graduate School of Social Work, University of Denver.
  • Nadia Kaneva published the following blog articles: 
  • Nadia Kaneva published the following book chapters: 
    • Kaneva, N. S. (2018). Nation branding: Toward an agenda for critical research. In Hong Fan & Yu Hu (Eds.), Nation Image: The Belt and Road Initiative and Nation Branding. (pp. 157-179). Beijing: Tsinghua University Press.
    • Kaneva, N. S. (2018). Neoliberal development and nation branding: Lessons from post-war Kosovo. In James Pamment & Karin Wilkins (Eds.), Communicating National Image through Development and Diplomacy: The Politics of Foreign Aid. New York/London: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Nadia Kaneva was a keynote panelist at a conference at Loughborough University in the UK in March titled "Promoting the Nation in Troubled Times." Dr. Kaneva's talk was called "Globalizing Nationalism? Transnational Commercial Media and the Remaking of the National."
  • Erika Polson published the following book chapters: 
    • Polson, E. (2019). Information SuperCalle: Fixed mobility on Havana's WiFi streets. In Rowan Wilken, Gerard Goggin, & Heather Horst (Eds.), Location Technologies in International Contexts. New York, NY / London: Routledge.
    • Polson, E. (2018). 'Doing' Local: Place-based travel apps and the globally networked self. In Zizi Papacharissi (Ed.), A Networked Self: Platforms, Stories, Connections. (vol. 2). Routledge.
  • Sheila Schroeder's screenplay Hunting Season, has been accepted at the following film festivals: 
    • LGBT Los Angeles Film Festival – May, 2019 – Finalist/Table Read
    • Broadcast Education Association – April, 2019 – Award of Excellence (2nd place)
    • Independent Talents International Film Festival – January, 2019 – Semi-Finalist
  • Carlos Jimenez presented a series of short films about Denver day laborers at "Life and Work Among Day Laborers in Denver: An Evening of Theater, Research, and Digital Storytelling" on Thursday, March 7. The project was a collaboration between Dr. Jimenez, Marty Otañez of CU Denver, Rebecca Galemba of DU, Jim Walsh of CU Denver, the Romero Troup, El Centro Humanitario, and the workers featured.
  • Carlos Jimenez Has a book chapter coming out soon:
    • "Radio Indígena and Indigenous Mexican Farmworkers in Oxnard, California" in Digital Activism and Indigenous Community Media in Latin America. Edited by Cheryl Martens, Cristina Venegas, and Esta Franklin Sharupi Tapuy. Forthcoming.
  • Nadia Kaneva presented a paper titled "Too Beautiful to Work? Post-socialist Reinventions of 'Women's Work' in Popular Media" at the annual conference for the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES) in Boston, MA in December.
  • Dr. Derigan Silver is the new Director of DU's Center for Innovation in the Creative and Liberal Arts (CICLA). 
  • Trace Reddell's book, "The Sound of Things to Come: An Audible History of the Science Fiction Film" is now available from the University of Minnesota Press
  • Dr. Lynn Schofield Clark published an article for the London School of Economics and Political Science's Parenting for a Digital Future section titled, "Banning kids from having smartphones misses the point." Read the article
  • Dr. Lynn Schofield Clark was featured in the University of Denver's Engaging Ideas video series, discussing "How the under-18 generation is redefining news." Watch the video
  • Associate Professor Nadia Kaneva was interviewed by about the MA in Media and Public Communication program. Read the interview
  • Associate Professor Sheila Schroeder was featured in the June issue of the AHSS newsletter, expressions. See more.
  • Associate Professor Derigan Silver was interviewed for an article on Net Neutrality in the Morning Consult. Read the article.
  • David Coppini has published a new article:
    • Coppini, D., Alvarez, G., Rojas, H. (2018). Entertainment, News, and Inequality. How Colombian media shape perceptions of income inequality and why it matters. International Journal of Communication, 12, 1651-1674.
  • Assistant Professor Carlos Jimenez received a DAIS award for a study called "Self-documenting the Everyday Life of Day Laborers" which is a collaborative study with Associate Professor Marty Otañez in the University of Colorado Denver's Department of Anthropology. The proposed project examines, through visual and mobile phone research strategies, the livelihoods of day laborers in the Denver Metro Area.
  • Assistant Teaching Professor Andrew Matranga ran a panel at the 2nd Annual Institute of Cannabis Research Conference at the end of April, 2018.
  • Associate Professor Nadia Kaneva released a new book chapter:
    • Kaneva, N. "Between brand utopias and lived experience" in Inclusive Place Branding: Critical Perspectives in Theory and Practice, edited by M. Kavaratzis, M. Giovanardi and M. Lichrou. Routledge. 2018.
  • Rod Buxton was quoted in The Denver Post about the Star Wars phenomenon. Read the article.
  • Professor Lynn Schofield Clark is the 2018 Vice President of the International Association of Internet Researchers.
  • Carlos Jimenez: has been working on a project with the day labor community to try to get them more jobs. Watch two videos they created of the workers here and here.
  • Assistant Teaching Professor Andrew Matranga spoke at Ignite Boulder 24 in December.
  • Associate Professor Derigan Silver has co-authored a textbook, the 20th edition of Mass Media Law, which was released in January, 2018.
  • Professor Lynn Schofield Clark published an article on Digital Media, Participatory Politics, and Positive Youth Development. Read the article.
  • Professor Lynn Schofield Clark was featured on Denver7 News talking about social media accountability.
  • Professor Lynn Schofield Clark was interviewed for an NPR article titled "Young Children Are Spending Much More Time In Front Of Small Screens." Read the article.
  • Associate Professor Sheila Schroeder was featured by Westword. Read "Meet the DU Film Professor Taking on the Hollywood Machine."
  • Professor Lynn Schofield Clark and Regina Marchi (Rutgers University) published their latest book, "Young People and the Future of News." Find out more.
  • Associate Professor Derigan Silver was a guest speaker on NPR's All Things Considered, discussing the topic, "What Legal Recourse Do Victims Of Fake News Stories Have?"
  • Associate Professor Margie Thompson volunteered at the Karnes family immigration detention center in south Texas and wrote an article about her experiences.
  • Associate Professor Derigan Silver was a guest speaker on Fox31 Denver talking about the First Amendment and the role of the free press.
  • Professor Lynn Schofield Clark contributes to discussion about Snapchat as a news source. 
  • Professor's new book studies the power of social media
  • AHSS Faculty Snapshot: Erika Polson
  • Beyond the classroom, around the world: Professor incorporates international research into curriculum
  • Professor examines evolving media landscape at home and abroad
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