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Media, Film & Journalism Studies: Student Designed Emphasis


The Media, Film and Journalism Studies: Student Designed Emphasis graduate program is no longer available for new applicants. The program will continue for current students who entered the program prior to or in fall 2015 as they complete their degree requirements.


We are no longer accepting applications for the Media, Film and Journalism Studies: Student Designed Emphasis graduate program. Please consider applying to the M.A. in Media and Public Communication, which will launch in fall 2016.

about the program

Man with puzzle pieces and text Student Designed EmphasisThe student designed emphasis is a thesis-based and research-oriented graduate program that gives students an opportunity to develop a deep understanding of a particular area within media or film studies.

It is a 48-hour degree program, where students develop a research topic based on their own particular interests in media, using the appropriate methodological tools studied within the first year of attendance.

After completing 16 hours in the program, students develop a thesis proposal for the research project. Once this proposal is approved, students concentrate on researching and writing the thesis during their second year of study. Students must defend the thesis before a graduate thesis committee to successfully complete the program.

In addition to preparing students for further graduate work, student designed graduates work in law offices, government, media research, and other positions requiring depth of knowledge and advanced analytical abilities.

2015/2016 admissions, financial aid & program requirements