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International & Intercultural Communication program

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International & Intercultural Communication

Strategic Communication & NonProfit Track

Designed for students who are interested in a more directed coursework plan that will help them to combine international & intercultural public relations and strategic communication, the Strategic Communication & Nonprofit track gives you the skills, background and tools needed to apply international and intercultural communication concepts to growing careers in public relations, strategic communications and nonprofit administration.

The program places the foundations of strategic communications and nonprofit public relations in the context of international and intercultural studies. You'll gain a deep understanding of the unique approaches needed to reach distinct audiences and formulate communication plans that are effective and sensitive to the needs of different audiences.

Graduates apply these skills in a variety of careers, including:

  • Agencies
  • Government
  • NGOs
  • Nonprofits
  • Education
  • Media
  • Politics


Program Track Coursework

Below is our recommended course sequence for students interested in strategic communication and nonprofit management. Please note that a variety of classes are offered bi-annually, so some course substitutions may be allowed. Please check with an IIC advisor for more information.

These requirements are in addition to the standard IIC program requirements found on the International & Intercultural Communication webpage

Degree total: 56 credits

Media, Film & Journalism Studies Courses

Choose 4 courses from the following list for a total of 16 credits.

  • MFJS 4050: Foundations of Strategic Communication
  • MFJS 4060: Strategic Messaging
  • MFJS 4065: Public Diplomacy and Nation Branding
  • MFJS 4070: Seminar in Strategic Communications
  • MFJS 4080: Global and Multicultural Campaigns
  • MFJS 4320: Brands and Identities
  • MFJS 4165: Global Health and Development Communication
  • MFJS 4175: Multicultural Health Communication 
Research Methods Course

Choose one course from the following list for a total of 4 credits. Other methods courses in INTS or another department may be taken with permission from an advisor.

  • MFJS 4560: Methods in Communication Research
  • INTS 4318: Applied Research in International Economics
  • INTS 4333: International Project Analysis
  • INTS 4615: Development Project Evaluation
  • INTS 4633: International Project Evaluation 
Josef Korbel School of International Studies Courses

Choose 4 courses from the following list for a total of of 16 credits. Please note: Other Korbel courses (INTS) may be considered for inclusion.

  •  INTS 4210: Multinational Corporations
  • INTS 4333: International Project Analysis
  • INTS 4363: Discrimination, Minorities and Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • INTS 4342: Project Management
  • INTS 4391: Financial Management and Fundraising in Non profits
  • INTS 4394: Nonprofit management
  • INTS 4497: International Campaign & Human Rights Management
  • INTS 4591: Advanced Fundraising Workshop
  • INTS 4615: Development Project Evaluation
  • INTS 4633: International Project Evaluation

Students should select 8 credits worth of electives.



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