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Fact Lab Class - Fall 2014

Fall 2014 Fact Lab Students (L to R): Chuck Plunkett, adjunct professor and politics editor, The Denver Post, Joe Fries, senior journalism major and political science minor, Vianes Rodriguez, junior political science major, Molly Homburger, junior political science major, and Anna Gauldin, senior journalism and history major. Not pictured: Mireya Saenz,senior journalism and communications major 

About Fact Lab

Fact Lab is an interdisciplinary course, launched in Fall 2014, which covers relevant topics such as messaging, civic and political issues, logic, rhetoric, and image analysis.
Students adopt a newsroom-style approach to the study and craft of fact-checking political messaging. The goals of the course are to further develop critical thinking, research, and writing skills, and to present highly credible and useful fact checks of the most significant political ads of the 2014 election season.
In-depth analyses of issues important to Colorado will be posted onto a web site and made available to journalists and concerned citizens across the state. This is an opportunity to increase knowledge and influence political conversations among politicians and media throughout Colorado.
Taught in Fall 2014 by Chuck Plunkett, Politics Editor of The Denver Post, the course featured guest lecturers from various departments.

Read Chuck Plunkett's post about the launch of Fact Lab, and check out a video about the pilot class, created by Fall 2014 Fact Lab students.

Fact Lab students' analyses of political messaging: