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Film Studies

Undergraduate Degrees

Film Studies & Production

Students learning how to use a video camera

The Film Studies and Production major facilitates a solid grounding in the history, theory, production and criticism of motion-picture arts. You'll acquire critical skills in the reading and analysis of media texts while also developing skills in various modes of motion picture production. You'll be encouraged to consider the consequences and ethical implications of the approaches to style and content you choose, and you'll situate your work among the many historical contexts presented in the various production, history and criticism classes.

The major teaches narrative, documentary and experimental modes of script/screenwriting and filmmaking; establishes a technical proficiency in camera use, lighting, digital editing software and sound design; and develops the ability to write script treatments, project proposals and critical arguments about media representations and constructions. With this grounding in theory and practice, you'll have the opportunity to participate as critical observers and producers of culture's most powerful media tools: film, video and interactive media.

Curriculum & Coursework Plan