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DU Clarion Special Edition: Racial Climate


In November 2017, the graduate and undergraduate students in Professor Lynn Schofield Clark's Multicultural Journalism course published a special issue of the DU student newspaper, the  Clarion , focused on the racial climate at the University. Students interviewed departments and individuals across campus to produce their own articles for the extra edition, which was published in print format on November 15, 2017. 

Tearing down the invisible barrier: the first generation experience

DACA's end limits study abroad opportunities

Sanctity at DU for its Muslim students

Athletic Division takes shot at diversity

Balancing free speech at DU

Learning the true meaning of "alliance"

Diversity statement by the Daniels College of Business

Should we be selling Inclusive Excellence?

D U's historical efforts at Inclusive Excellence

Paving a way for minority STEM students

Campus embraces diversity but some grad students express skepticism

Additional resources for female students of color