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Media, Film & Journalism Studies

Student Resources

Student Resources

Media, Film & Journalism Studies Building and Lab Access

Former Chief Engineer Robert Yablans in the MFJS computer labThe Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies maintains computer lab and video lab facilities for majors as well as limited access for students enrolled in an MFJS course. Undergraduate Film and Video Production majors as well as graduate students enrolled in the Video Production emphasis degree will require access to the video facilities during several quarters.

MFJS faculty and staff will visit the appropriate classes during the first week of the quarter to help you determine if you need either computer lab or video lab access. Continuing students may apply for access at any time during the first two weeks of the quarter. However, access to computer lab or video facilities is limited, so check with a faculty or staff member for any questions.

For students requesting building, lab or video facilities access, please review the Terms and Conditions document during the first week of class.