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We showcase the work of members of our community, from research and scholarship to creativity and the arts. Our faculty are sought-after experts who are frequently in the news.

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences


October 26, 2017

Thinking, Thinkers & Thoughts

Michael Brent has designed and taught several DU philosophy courses at beginner and advanced levels covering a wide range of topics. His classes include first-year students to graduating seniors. Now with a grant from the DU Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning, Brent is designing a new course for a much younger audience. Brent’s course will take his DU students out of the classroom and into the community where they will engage in philosophical conversations with first- and third-graders at a local elementary school.

October 26, 2017

Student Finds Gentrification Hits Too Close to Home

Jaime Guzmán has seen the effects of gentrification first-hand. The 4th year PhD student in communication studies is examining the impact of gentrification on lower-income communities of color, starting with his hometown of East Los Angeles, a Latinx and migrant community, predominantly of Mexican heritage.

October 31, 2017

In Memoriam: Jimmy LaVita

Professor Emeritus James (Jimmy) LaVita passed away on October 25, 2017. His teaching and scholarship at DU spanned both the arts and sciences. Jimmy served as professor and long-time chair of mathematics and computer science, then as professor of computer science, and most recently, as a professor of social sciences in the divisions of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences with the anthropology department and emergent digital practices program. 

theatre kid simple
October 31, 2017

Kid-Simple: A Radio Play in the Flesh

You're invited to a Department of Theatre performance of Kid-Simple: A Radio Play in the Flesh. Moll, a girl who invents things, wins the science fair with a machine for hearing sounds that can't be heard. But when a shapeshifting Mercenary steals the invention (and her heart), she must embark on a quest to save noise as we know it. Performances Nov 2-12 at the Byron Theatre, Newman Center for the Performing Arts. Check here for dates and times.

AHSS in the News

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Immigrants Living in the Country Without Authorization at Risky for Anxiety and Depression, Thania Galvan, doctoral student in the SAYF Lab, Oct 30, 2017
In a Predominately Christian Country, Why is Jewish Humor So Popular?, Adam Rovner, associate professor of English and Jewish Literature, Oct 27, 2017
Curator Will Speak at Museum on Women Artists of Mid-Century, Gwen Chanzit, Director of Museum Studies and professor of museum studies/ art history, Oct 23, 2017
Around the World, Mothers Have Similar Response to Crying Babies, Study Finds, Pilyoung Kim, associate professor of psychology, Oct 23, 2017
'Psychotic' Hedge Fund Managers are the Worst Investors, Study Finds, Leanne ten Brinke, assistant professor of psychology, Oct 19, 2017
Young Children are Spending Much More Time in Front of Small Screens, Lynn Schofield Clark, professor of media, film, & journalism studies, Oct 19, 2017
Adults Who Grew Up in Abusive Homes More Likely to Develop Depression and Cancer, New Colorado Study Says, Sarah Watamura, associate professor of psychology, and Samantha Brown, postdoctoral fellow in the Stress, Early Experiences, and Development Research Center, Oct 18, 2017
Colorado's Growing Pains: From Roads to Water, Here are 5 Key Issues as the State's Population Swells, Sara Chatfield, assistant professor of political science, Oct 15, 2017
English Professor in 'Best American Essays', Peter Grandbois (PhD '06, English), Oct 11, 2017
Jewish Pioneers Built the Miniature Downtown Near Mile High--and a Legacy on Colfax, Jeanne Abrams, Jeanne Abrams, director of Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society and professor of Beck Archives, Oct 5, 2017
How Your Brain Changes After Your Baby, Pilyoung Kim, associate professor of psychology, Oct 5, 2017
What Science Says About 'Thoughts and Prayers', Daniel McIntosh, dean of AHSS and professor of psychology, and Kevin Ladd (MA '94, PhD '00), Oct 5, 2017
Stop Making Excuses for Spouses Who Cheat, Scott Stanley, professor of psychology, New York Post, Oct 2, 2017
Two Universities Examined a Founder's Role in the Sand Creek Massacre, Billy J. Stratton, associate professor of English, History News Network, Oct 1, 2017