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We showcase the work of members of our community, from research and scholarship to creativity and the arts. Our faculty are sought-after experts who are frequently in the news.

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences


Piovani headshot.
January 29, 2018

Putting a Spotlight on Environmental and Feminist Economics

China’s rise in the global economy over the past four decades has also given rise to an environmental crisis that has critical implications for the global economy, according to Chiara Piovani, associate professor of economics. Piovani studies the social, economic, and environmental challenges of China’s ecological footprint.

Lance Clem (left) with Gov. Richard Lamm
January 29, 2018

The Impact of an Internship

Lance Clem, a Media, Film, and Journalism Studies (MFJS) alumnus and longtime public policy advocate, established an internship program for future MFJS students through his estate upon his passing in 2016. Julia Dacy, a senior strategic communication major, is the first recipient of the Lance C. Clem Endowment for Media, Film, and Journalism Studies award. Dacy used her award for an unpaid internship last summer in her hometown of Chicago.

DU alumni working in local government
January 29, 2018

Alumni Impact: Leading in local government

Thousands of graduates of DU’s Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences are making an impact on their local and global communities. Some you may recognize by name, while others may not be as well known. We sat down with four Colorado alumni who are committed to bettering their communities through local government: Linda Olson, Steve Hogan, Jordan Sauers, and Doris Truhlar. Each has dedicated their time and energy to public service in hopes of making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Boldman with trumpet.
January 29, 2018

Lamont Student Part of Disney History with "Frozen"

Before it takes the show to Broadway this spring, Disney debuted “Frozen: The Musical” at Denver’s Buell Theatre in summer 2017. In the orchestra pit for the much-anticipated premiere were three faculty members from DU’s Lamont School of Music, as well as Lamont graduate student Jake Boldman (MM, Jazz Trumpet Performance) who played trumpet for the show. He took us behind the scenes to share in the excitement. 

AHSS in the News

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From Page to Stage: Costume Designers Bring Denver's Plays to Life, Meghan Anderson Doyle (BA '02, Theatre), Jan 31, 2018
A Republican Congressman Walks the Tricky Middle Ground on Immigration Reform, Seth Masket, professor of political science & director of the Center on American Politics, Jan 30, 2018
Disturbing Details Unveiled in Double Murder Case Involving a Cult, Carl Raschke, professor religious studies, Jan 29, 2018
Apocalyptic Religion, Drawn from Other Beliefs and Symbols, Surrounds Death of Two Children, Carl Raschke, professor of religious studies, Jan 27, 2018
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Mothers are Hard-Wired to Respond Similarly to a Infant Cries Across Cultures, Pilyoung Kim, associate professor of psychology, Jan 1, 2018
4 Challenges Posed by Today's Long-Distance Relationships, Galena Rhoades, research associate professor of psychology, Jan 9, 2018
An Alternative Approach to Social Justice and Sustainable Cities, Dean Saitta, director of the urban studies program and professor of anthropology, Jan 9, 2018
The Photography Project that Connects Senior Citizens With Students Through Stories, Roddy MacInnes, associate professor of art & art history, and AHSS Photography students, Jan 7, 2017 
Roe v. Wade: Past, Present, and Future, Joshua C. Wilson, associate professor of political science, Jan 2, 2018