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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences


Tenure & Promotion:  AHSS Celebrates Faculty Achievements

September 28, 2017 | Janette Ballard

Fall comes not only with new students, but also promotions and transitions among our faculty colleagues. Effective September 1, 18 faculty members have received a promotion, and eight of our colleagues received emeritus status.

Promotion reflects recognition of a faculty member's significant achievements. The process is thorough and rigorous. To receive promotion and tenure, a candidate typically devotes six years working on scholarship and creative endeavors. This work is evaluated by national and international scholars. These reviews, and other aspects of the candidate's record, are assessed by the candidate's department. A divisional faculty committee and dean review each candidate's case and make recommendations to the provost. Upon the provost's review, the candidate's case is shared with the DU Board of Trustees, which ultimately grants or declines tenure and promotion. Decisions take into account scholarship and creative production, teaching quality and campus service.

"Congratulations to our colleagues. All these changes recognize significant achievement, dedication and contribution to the mission of our departments, divisions, university, and fields," said Dean Daniel McIntosh.

Five faculty have been promoted to tenured full professor:
Catherine Sailer, Lamont School of Music
Christopher Coleman, department of media, film, and journalism studies, emergent digital practices program
Maik Nwosu, department of English
Steven Mayer, Lamont School of Music
Tracy Mott, department of economics

One faculty was awarded the rank of teaching full professor:
Amy Reichmann-Decker, department of psychology

One faculty was awarded the rank of clinical full professor:
Jill Holm-Denoma, department of psychology

Eight faculty received tenure and promotion to associate professor:
Andrea Stanton, department of religious studies
Anne Penner, department of theatre
Chiara Piovani, department of economics
Jonathan Sciarcon, department of history, Center for Jewish Studies
Joshua Hanan, department of communication studies
Karen Albright, department of sociology and criminology
Marcus Schneider, department of economics
Pilyoung Kim, department of psychology

Three faculty were awarded the rank of teaching associate professor:
Alicia Barron-Lopez, department of languages and literatures
Lindsey Feitz, department of gender and women's studies
Pamela Miller, department of psychology

Eight faculty received emeritus status:
Bruce Pennington, department of psychology
Diane Waldman, department of media, film, and journalism studies
Janice Keenan, department of psychology
Lawrence Argent, School of Art and Art History
M.E. Warlick, School of Art and Art History
Ricardo Iznaola, Lamont School of Music
Richard Slavich, Lamont School of Music
James LaVita, social science (department of anthropology and emergent digital practices program)

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