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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (AHSS)



We showcase the work of members of our community, from research and scholarship to creativity and the arts. Our faculty are sought-after experts who are frequently in the news.

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences


Harris on a bike.
May 14, 2018

Senior's Parting Thoughts

When asked what advice she would give to undergraduates, graduating senior Gertie Harris urges students to be authentic to who they are and to never stop growing through the wise words of Dr. Seuss.

Jeanette Chinelli's art
May 3, 2018

An Artist's Journey

Like the saying goes, life rarely goes as planned. Such is the case for Jeanette Chinelli, a fourth year art major who returned to finish her undergraduate degree more than a decade after putting college on hold.  

Whitney Peterson
March 29, 2018

Finding Truth and Meaning Through Images 

Whitney Peterson is passionate about bringing to light stories that were once silent. The graduate student in the department of anthropology is using donated photo albums from former sites of World War II Japanese American internment to understand, illuminate, and empower the community. 

Harper Hahn
March 1, 2018

Going Beyond the Classroom

Last summer, Harper Hahn, a second-year religious studies and international studies major, was awarded a spot in the Saudi Young Leaders Exchange Program (SYLEP). Hahn was a Cultural Ambassador to the aspiring entrepreneurial Saudi Arabian students who joined the program to build social entrepreneurism, leadership skills, civic responsibility, and appreciation for cultural diversity. 

Boldman with trumpet.
January 29, 2018

Lamont Student Part of Disney History with "Frozen"

Before it takes the show to Broadway this spring, Disney debuted “Frozen: The Musical” at Denver’s Buell Theatre in summer 2017. In the orchestra pit for the much-anticipated premiere were three faculty members from DU’s Lamont School of Music, as well as Lamont graduate student Jake Boldman (MM, Jazz Trumpet Performance) who played trumpet for the show. He took us behind the scenes to share in the excitement. 

Andi Schlut
January 4, 2018

Student Sees Future in Public Service

Andi Schlut has her sights set on Washington, D.C., with plans to pursue a career as an elected official, working in a federal government agency, or conducting research. No matter which path she takes, the third-year political science and socio-legal studies major is sure of one thing… her liberal arts education at DU is providing a solid framework for any career she chooses.  

Sherlock Crockett
November 30, 2017

A Writer's Experience in the Game World 

As a first-generation college student, Sherlock Crockett was uneasy about higher education and the related costs. Now into his third year at DU, and after receiving several AHSS scholarships for outstanding academic performance, Crockett is feeling much more confident than he did as an incoming first-year student. 

October 26, 2017

Student Finds Gentrification Hits Too Close to Home

Jaime Guzmán has seen the effects of gentrification first-hand. The 4th year PhD student in communication studies is examining the impact of gentrification on lower-income communities of color, starting with his hometown of East Los Angeles, a Latinx and migrant community, predominantly of Mexican heritage.

September 28, 2017

Photos Bring Environmental Issues into Focus

In the summer of 2016, Nicole Miller traveled to Northern Sweden to research a recent land victory of the indigenous Sami people. Land right victories are rare in the history of the Sami, and she wanted to learn more about it.

When Miller arrived in the Swedish town of Kiruna, she learned of another impending problem—the towns of Kiruna and Malmberget (120 km south of Kiruna) are sinking. 

August 31, 2017

Award-Winning Lamont Clarinetist Finds Inspiration and Opportunity Daily 

Lamont senior Guillermo Ramasasa did not start out his musical career by choice. “My dad put me into music by force,” he said with a smile, to carry on the legacy of his saxophone-playing grandfather, who shares his name. It was not an auspicious beginning: the clarinetist wanted to play trombone, but his band director handed him a trumpet instead. It didn’t go well. “The first day I took my trumpet home, I broke it,” he laughed.

alicia mountain poetry prize
August 25, 2017

Creative Writing Student Awarded Poetry Prize

The University of Iowa Press has awarded PhD creative writing student Alicia Mountain its 2017 Iowa Poetry Prize for her book of poetry High Ground Coward. Since 1987, the prize has been awarded annually for an unpublished poetry collection. Only poets with previously published work were eligible until 2001, when the award was opened to all poets.

July 27, 2017

Student Uses Policy Expertise as a Voice for Urban Social Change

Morgan Smith has seen the truth firsthand: local policymaking is the best way to enact social change. Drawn to the analytical rigor of economics and the practical applications of public policy, Smith chose to double-major in the two subjects, which has helped shape his overarching interest in and approach to urban policy.



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